Where are the Smarties?

So I’ve just opened my Smarties Chocolate Egg…

Smarties Egg

Guess what wasn’t in the box (the clue is on the box)…


All there was was a chocolate egg, and an ‘Exclusive Smarties Branded Egg Cup’, hence why it is a Smarties Egg Cup egg, not a Smarties Egg.

I suppose the argument would be that it didn’t say that it had Smarties on the box, but still if they are selling the egg off the back of the Smarties name, the least they can do is stick some Smarties in the box!

Update 29th March: In addition to this blog entry, I also e-mailed much the same thing to BBC Watchdog. I’ve just had a phone call from one of their researchers saying that they have had other e-mails on the same subject, and are planning to squeeze in an item about the lack of smarties at the end of tonights show!