Doctor Who Defeats Ant and Dec

The first outing for the new series of Doctor Who, that has been warmly recieved by the press has scored a hit for the BBC in the traditional Saturday evening ratings battle!

The first episode of the new series averaged 9.9 million viewers, peaking at 10.5 million – 44.3% of viewers watching at the time. This is well up on the levels when the series last aired back in the 80’s, and even beats the number who watched the movie in 1996. Ant and Dec attracted 7.2 million, peaking at 8.5 million viewers.

Of course the key test will be whether the series can maintain the same levels over subsequent episodes.

The other quite amusing side effect of the new series was people discovering that their partners were Doctor Who fans – have a read of Carla’s bemusement at being pushed aside. It is worth mentioning that Beth knew having looked through my video collection what she was marrying, although she shares with Carla a certain lack of appreciation for the merits of the classic series! 😮

Anyway, maybe there is the basis for a movie here – “I Married a Whovian”…. 😀

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  1. File this under ‘The Care and Feeding of Techy Husbands’. I’m sure both Beth and I can write an entire guidebook about the matter. How ’bout it, Bethers? I’m sure it’ll be a bestseller 🙂

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