Doctor Who Episode 3

So I’ve just finished watching episode three of the new Doctor Who. This week we had our first TARDIS ooops episode, where the Doctor was aiming for Naples in 1860, but the TARDIS arrives in a wintery Cardiff in 1869. Of course this being Doctor Who, the TARDIS has taken the Doctor to where the trouble is to be found, a race of gaseous aliens who need dead bodies, and are haunting an undertakers.

We again got a reference to the bigger plotline, with the aliens saying that their predicament is as a result of the Time War, could this be another pointer to the demise of the Time Lords? We also get a bit of Rose backstory, when the maid talks to Rose about her parents. Like the other references it gives a larger backstory that the fans pick up on, but is such that the new viewers aren’t totally bemused.

The effects continue to be up to scratch, with the whispy gas aliens swooping all over the place. There is also some really cool effects with the snow. If you missed the snow effect, watch the repeat on BBC3 on Sunday, and watch what happens to the snow sitting on the ledges on the TARDIS when it leaves. As the TARDIS fades it starts to fall, but rather than falling straight down it gets caught up in the rush of air into the space where the TARDIS has been!

So far I’ve been pretty impressed with the new series. There haven’t been any really duff episodes. It is definitely a new show, but then if you watch some of the old shows on UK Gold, it needed to be – time has moved on, as have audiences.

Whilst on the subject of Doctor Who, in an article praising his star, Russell T Davies has confirmed what I had heard, that he was aware of Chris Eccleston only doing a single series, but that the news was not supposed to be released before the end of the series.

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