Amazing What You Can Do With Photoshop 2

A while back I posted an item with an example of what can be done with Photoshop. Today the Conservative candidate for Dorset South gave another demonstration.

Spot the difference

You can read the full article on The Times website. But to sumarise, the first picture is the original, showing the candidate campaigning against the legal deportation of a family back to Malawi under the current rules, the second is a doctored version of the first, that went out on campaign literature describing the Conservative plans to tighten immigration. It does strike me as decidedly odd that a few weeks ago he was campaigning for an asylum seeker to stay, and now he’s all for tightening up the rules. The BBC article on the photo offers some justification for the apparent conflict, but to me it serves to highlight the fact that making statements on immigration are all very well when dealing with statistics, until you are actually dealing with it on a personal level, and hearing personal stories. Certainly it is a difficult subject, and the coverage in the campaign so far has already brought warnings from Churches and the United Nations!

This also came on the same day that it came out that the Conservative candidate in Winchester was trying a little cyber-squatting, having registered a site in the name of the local MP. Whilst there is a dispute resolution process, it would take months to sort out. Of course Winchester is a prized seat after the fiasco in 1997 where the Conservatives lost by 2 votes, took it to court and forced another election. The local voters didn’t take kindly to it and delivered a 39.6% swing against the Conservative candidate in the rerun.

Anyway, according to the BBC Election Page we only have to put up with this stuff for another 23 days, before all the politicians all retreat back to Westminster.

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