Google Sightseeing

Thanks to Dave Oliver for pointing me towards the new Google Sightseeing Blog. The site has a pretty straightforward basis, following the introduction of satellite imagery to Google Maps the whole blog is filled with shots of famous places, places of interest, and some just plain weirdness. For example take a look at the weird trippy triangle in the desert north of Las Vegas.

Currently the maps only cover the USA and Canada, however that does mean that I’ve been able to check out some places that we know well.

For example, take a look at this plane coming in to land at Calgary International.

Plane coming in to Calgary

And this is Niagara Falls from above.

Niagara Falls

Or how about a view of Beth’s parents place, the Crooked Tree Ranch from space?

Crooked Tree Ranch

There are loads more interesting shots on the blog, and if you don’t find what you want, Google Maps has the whole of the USA and Canada, and a powerful search tool to find just what you want to see!

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