Computer Language Cultures

I came across an interesting article on Code Project today. The general aim being to make the point that the difference between C# and VB.Net is not about features, but about the programming cultures of the two languages.

Having said that, the article does pour a little bit of petrol into the debate with some of the comments comparing the two cultures:

Hiring good C# programmers is easier than hiring good VB programmers. This is because 80% of C# programmers are good, while 80% of VB programmers are not good.

Or what about:

VB programmers, on the average, know less about good object-oriented, distributed, loosely coupled application design and development than C# programmers, on average. This is because their language has not supported these notions, so their culture has grown without them. Although these notions are supported now in VB, they are more slowly being adopted than in the C# culture because of cultural inertia.

And another good one:

In the near future, there will be less good VB programmers than C# programmers. This is because all the good VB programmers are switching to C#. This is partly because they like the language better, but mostly because they like the culture better. As the cultural separation become more evident and self-reinforcing, it will accelerate until there are very few good VB programmers left.

If you are a VB.Net programmer who is now totally offended, there is a heated debate going on about the article at the bottom of it’s page, and over at Channel9.

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