“London Is Like An American Cop Show”

With the fast moving nature of the current situation in London we watched Newsnight, which opened by comparing the days events in London with “an American Cop show”.

I have to say that during the day, with news coming in of the shooting of a suspect on Stockwell station and houses raided on the Harrow Road and another in Stockwell, following on from the attempted bombings yesterday, and the chase through University College Hospital, I was starting to reflect on how much like a 24 plot this is becoming.

As with many, I think there is also an increasing amazement at the change. Listening to PM on the way home one listener e-mailed in to say that he was more concerned about having police that would shoot a restrained suspect than having bombers on the loose. This perhaps is now the source of most discussion, especially over whether the Police have changed their standard policies over warnings, and where to aim. There is also discussion over whether those people involved yesterday where special forces rather than Police at all.

Having said that, perhaps the biggest breakthrough is the fact that none of the bombs went off on Thursday which leaves a lot of evidence, plus live terrorists to catch. I suspect we are in for many more days of fast moving investigations before this is over, even without this mornings news of bombs in Egypt.

As to how it will affect us, Beth and myself had an interesting conversation yesterday. Whilst you’re more likely to get injured on the roads in London than hit by a bomb, whereas Beth was keen to go up to London for the day at some point during the holidays she has decided it would be better not to go. Basically with all the chaos and disruption at the moment it seems that avoiding going into London unless we have to is the best policy.

By coincidence the BBC are also starting a new series looking at how Al-Qaeda has been changed since September 11th starts on Monday on BBC2.

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