So Just What Did Happen At Stockwell?

Listening to PM tonight, they played part of a press conference given by the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian shot on Stockwell Underground station last Friday. Oddly enough, it is not on the BBC News web site, however a report of the press conference is here.

The generally accepted description of what happened is described on this BBC news page, key points being that Police said he was wearing a padded jacket, and that he vaulted over the barriers. However what is concerning about the information in the news conference is that the station CCTV video apparently disagrees with these points, instead showing Menezes in a denim jacket using his travelcard to go through the barriers like any other underground user.

This is following on from news yesterday that although security sources say he had an out of date visa, both his family, and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw disagree and say that he was in the UK legally, and also that he was shot eight times, rather than the originally reported five.

All of this seems to muddy the water, and also adds to concern in that we have several ‘facts’ given by the security services, that subsequently seem to be totally incorrect. He had been tracked from flats that the Police were watching, and had not raised suspicion until getting onto the train. Could it be as simple as Menezes simply spotted that a train going his direction was in the platform and ran for the train? That he had the misfortune to live in the same tower block as the terrorists and not want to miss his train? Who knows, but I suspect it may take many months, even years before we find out.

Update: The BBC now have a report of the press conference here. The IO Error blog has also collected more details here.

One thought on “So Just What Did Happen At Stockwell?”

  1. Interesting how the original version of the story is the one that sticks in the public’s mind, even when grudging corrected. ROM types still think JC de Menezes jumped the ticket barrier and was wearing a thick winter jacket, so the police were justified in blowing him away. Even when the police and mainstream media are exposed as barefaced liars, Mr. Average just doesn’t get it. If it’s not on the front page of the Daily Mirror it never happened. So you can see why the police don’t exactly rush to correct the distorted version (aka lies) put out by their tame media whores. Joe Public thinks, “There’s no smoke without fire”, rather than, “I’ll never believe those lying bastards say again”. The risk takers emigrate and the risk adverse remain trusting the government will look after them. Which means there’s an expanding critical mass that tends to believe the government’s version of events. The way many bloggers supported the police was a useful “heads up” to anyone contemplating flying the coop.

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