End of the Specsavers Saga

Today Beth got a full refund out of Specsavers, no quibbles. The only thing that they asked for was a copy of Beth’s revised prescription so that they could look into what the problem was.

So whilst it would have been good to not go through the hassle, and have to go elsewhere, on the plus side the Specsavers no quibble guarentee does seem to hold true.

17 thoughts on “End of the Specsavers Saga”

  1. just thought you might like to hear an opticians point of view. i don’t work for specsavers, but i have done and i now work for another major multiple in the uk. indeed specsavers is a franchise, but they have some of the strongest links with their head office than most businesses in this format – its more a joint venture than a franchise when you look at the control that their head office has. it is based in guernsey and any contact you make with there will get replied, they do have a customer service department who ‘strongly advise’ the right course of action to the individual franchisees. they are actually monitored on it and will be pulled up if their customer service index is too poor.

    if you do have a genuine complaint then contact the Optical Consumer complaints Service (their website seems to be down, but if you go though the optical governing body, the General optical council (www.optical.org), they will direct you accordingly).

    one thing worth pointing out. specsavers has a market share of about 50% of the optical business in the uk, if you test that many eyes, and with the pressure that is put on their optometrists to work faster and see more – there are going to be times when the result isn’t ideal – more tests = more errors but as a ratio does it really differ to all the other opticians on the high street? most of specsavers optometrists are locums and work in other multiples / independent practices as well, so it is difficult to suggest that they are unprofessional or poorly trained etc – its just the pressure of the situation they are in.

    if you do have a problem though, you as a consumer can fix this – just vote with your feet, perhaps if their numbers reduced a little, their virtual monopolisation would be hindered and they would take a bit more time dealing more with an individuals needs than a mass market.

    In my past i have worked in three specsavers in completely different parts of the country – each one had a very high standard and rarely witnessed problems and complaints. so there is something to be said about the individual branches – there are over 500 of them though so it is likely that one or two stores do have a bad record for customer service.

    i’m not defending them – it is clear with this feed that there are some problems, they aren’t dissimilar to the reasons i don’t work for them now, but, as a consumer – you have the control, no customers – no business it’s as simple as that. and quite frankly, what do you expect when you pay half what every other opticians charges? how is it that specsavers can discount their products so highly that they can undercut everyone else so highly? the answer isn’t buying power. D&A is owned by De Rigo, one of the biggest frame suppliers in the world, Vision Express is part of one of the biggest optical chains in the world, and Boots has the backing of their chemist and their recent merger with one of the largest pharmaceutical businesses in the world.

    so they can all offer the same products at the same costs to them, the only difference is that other opticians are up to date with their technology, frame designs and lens designs. they are not dealing with varifocals that are 8 years out of date and frames that are last seasons etc.

    i hope that this helps you to think about where you go for your spectacles in the future.

  2. Specsaavers……never again, my experience brings up the old saying “you get what you pay for” a shop full of very young inexperience staff and poor customer service, to hell with the offers im now sticking with my local independent opticians.

  3. Was very pleased with the actual eye examination but the after sales service leaves a lot to be desired. I went to the Dartford branch and was told my spectacles will be made to the specification of my current spectacles ie thinned lens, tint, non reflective lens, but when I went to collect them they were not tinted, and I was told if I wanted the tint I would have to pay another £12 on top of the £370 I had already paid. Shouldn’t have gone to Specsavers.

  4. Anti reflective is not a tint. And yes if you want a tint it is extra. Glasses are expensice but compared to many years ago, the should be even more but they are not. People happily have their hair done for £100 but dont want to pay for glasses. its pathetic. Did you ask for A TINT???? If you did then it costs!!!!
    antireflective is not a tint. if you asked for a tint then a tint would have been provided. If they forgot to tint it but you had paid for a tint then they will tint them when they realise they have forgotton. But if you did not request a tint and did not pay for a tint, and a tint is not recorded on your receipt then surprise surprise you wont get a tint. I bought a car the other week and there was no leather seats!!!! I complained and the sales manager asked me if i requested leather seat and wanted to charge me another£1000!!!!! I had not paid for leather seats so the sales manager said if i did want the leather option it will be another £1000. The cheek of the guy

  5. Yes “Spec-Savers” Never again is what i say to.
    There Inverness Branch is in the process of getting my order right for the 5th time!!
    6 weeks now ive been waiting, they have got things wrong, from wrong lenses to wrong colour shades and im still waiting for them to get it right, im in the process of finding head office for compansation as each time ive had to travel 28 miles.
    Necer will deal with them again, if you live near Inverness AVOID them like the plague

  6. I have been goin to specsavers for four years now and every year i have had a problem, I thort id give them the benifit of doubt but NO, this year they still let me down! They tried to bully me into setting up a direct debit with them for contact lenses and because i wanted to go elsewhere (where they are cheaper) they would not confirm my prescription (which they have to by law) so that i would have to have lenses with them! I ended up having to go to a different opticans to have another test so that i could get lenses with them.

    It turned out that specsavers had perscribed me wrong anyway. i could only wear the trial lenses for 30 days and the next appointment they could get me in for to see if i was ok with them and get some more lenses was 3 months later. How rediculous???????????????? when i asked what they suggested i should do as i would no longer be able to wear the lenses in after a few day of the conversation, they suggested i dont drive!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T DRIVE!!!!!!!!!! i wouldn’t be able to see to catch the bus never mind drive!

    I had no glasses either apart from the old prescription ones i had which were no longer strong enough! specsavers were supposed to be sorting those out too but when i rang up they had nothing on order for glasses for me! Suprise Suprise!!!

    It is run by a bunch of school children!

    I was not impressed!

  7. I’ve just returned from spec savers to fnd that the d125 pair of glasses (including and extra £60)
    were rubbish the quality of the frames could have been purchased at any 99p shop. And the second pair allegedly free were not of my choice and do not fit. They are much to large and are probably
    mens glasses.
    What should I do. Ive spent £165 plus eye test (free from NHS).

  8. Had ONLY my Left mutlifocal lenses replaced, BUT on picking up the glassess thought oh it’s just my vision adjusting. Then thought the R/eye is not as clear they must be dirty. Cleaned them, no change. Fished out my old specs put the new ones under a light and the R/lense has scratches on it that was not there when I left them at the shop to have the L/lens changed. Hot footed it to the Spec savers shop, to be told the lenses are taken out before being sent away and wrapped in tissue paper. So were did the scratches come from?? and what can they do. A shrug of the shoulders NOTHING. So now have to find the head office in Australia and make a complaint. Time consuming and frustrating, but now the vision in my R/eye is compromised!!!!!! Am not about to pay another $154+ for one lens that I did not scratch

  9. Hi, from what I read I will definitely not go to specsavers to get my new glasses. My prescription is around -9 and -8 so I think will need 1.74 index, is that right?
    Can anyone recommend me a place wher I can get these thin lenses at cheaper price but with good quality? I know only the lenses are 250 pounds at vision express, but maybe somewhere else it is 200? Also, where can I get a good eye test, or it depends on luck? I am an international student that’s why I dont know much about good opticians in England. Thank you!

  10. I will never again go to Specsavers! I had an eye test at the beginning of the year, and i purchased new contact lenses. They are fine. My problem arose when i asked if i could have new lenses fitted to my existing glasses frame. I paid £195 for the new lenses. I never wear my glasses. They are only on "stand by", should i lose a contact lens, or if my eyes get tired, which seldom happens. About three months after i got my new contact lenses, my eyes were a little bit irritated and so, i went to the cupboard to get my glasses. When i opened the case, The lenses were cracked right down the middle. I had not taken them out of the case since my fitting in the shop. When i called at my local store to explain, i was immediately made to feel like i was telling lies. I was told that the glasses had been dropped, or had been in the hands of a child, or in a drawer with some perfumes!!! I tried to make it clear that i had not even touched the glasses since the day they were bought,and i have no small children, nor do i keep my glasses in a perfume drawer – but to no avail. Having spent £195 on them, i was ultra careful with them.
    I have many other pairs of glasses which i purchased at Specsavers in the past, all of them still intact. After meeting with the director of the store, who was rather abraisive in her attitude, i was told i would have to pay £50 to have the lenses replaced. I insisted that had not broken the glasses, and i was not willing to pay another £50 for something i didn't do….there was obviously a problem with the lenses or the frame. After a lot of discussion with other technicians etc…. the director returned to tell me that they would fix my glasses free of charge, BUT if it happened again, they wouldn't fix them. I left my glasses to be fixed, and two months later i still hadn't got them back. After another couple of weeks i went up to the shop to enquire about the whereabouts of my glasses, and they couldn't be found. I was told to call back again when the director would be there, as she would know of their whereabouts. I finally got my glasses back. Again, they have not been out of the case since getting them back, nor have i even touched the case. A couple of days ago, it crossed my mind that maybe i should check my glasses to make sure all was well – and when i opened the case, it has happened again!! They are cracked again right down the middle of the lens!! There is obviously a problem here, but i have been told by the specsavers director that they won't fix them if it happens again, So now i have been out of pocket to the sum of £195 for nothing. I have no glasses, and specsavers don't want to know. I felt like a criminal when i took my glasses back the first time. There is no point going back to them, as they have told me they won't fix them again. I really have no idea where i go from here…….just do without my glasses i guess, and go elsewhere for my eyetest in the future!

  11. To diane… If they believed you, then they should believe every single customer saying they're glasses broke just like that while lying in the case in a cupboard….You have to see it from their point of view as well… If you bought a pair of shoes and damaged them you wouldn't just return them after 3 months saying that you never wore the shoes ,,but they still got damaged,,because frankly noone will believe you…It's the same with glasses. You might be right,,but you can't expect people to believe you just like that…

    1. To John

      It seems in these days, we are guilty until proven innocent.

      I do understand their position, and likewise they need to understand mine. It is for this very reason that i have delayed going back to them to explain – I know full well how it looks John.
      What if i'm lying? – What if i'm not, and there is a problem at their end? This is the same frame from my previous prescription. I only needed to have the lenses changed. The previous lenses have been in these frames for a couple of years – no problem. Now i need a slightly thicker lens and it's the new lenses in the old frame that is causing the problem.

      If i bought shoes and i damaged them i would gladly pay to have them repaired, but i have not created the problem with my glasses, yet, as you say,i have no way of proving this, and so, i am the one losing out. Having spent £195, i kept them in a very safe place, as i have done in the past with all my other glasses – all of them still intact, but of no use to me now as my prescription has changed.

      If i had complied with their original request of paying another £150 to have them fixed , I would now have spent a total of £345 for nothing, as i am now back to square one with cracked lenses. So if you were in my position, would you be willing to pay yet again to have them fixed?
      I have since taken advice from some independent bodies and all of them say the same thing – under the sale of goods act, these glasses are not fit for purpose, and i am entitled to at least new lenses but i could insist on a completely new frame, as it seems to be a tension in the frame that is causing the cracks.

      What is an honest upright member of society to do? There are some of us left out there, but it seems we all get tarred with the one brush – in the eyes of the world everybody is crooked, and out to fleece.

      Very Sad! I can't trust Specsavers to supply me with glasses in the future. What if this were to happen again? Do i just keep paying £150 to have them fixed? I better start growing a money tree in the back garden, or, at these prices, perhaps i'll just do without my glasses.

      Thanks for your comments.

  12. my wife bought glasses from specsavers in shipley west yorkshire the quality of fames was absoulute rubbish the birocal part was set wrong at to get some more glasses trom another optician and throw specsavers glassess away . staff were rude and very offensive towards myself and my husband there seems to be no complaints procedure whatsoever never again sorry we went to specsavers

  13. Hi All,
    Specsavers? Never ever again. I went to buy my mothers glasses from Alexander Heights (Western Australia) and i was told they would be ready in a weeks time. I requested them to make sure that they are ready by that time as my mother was flying out of country.
    A day before completion of one week, i called to inquire if her glasses were ready? Surprise.. I was told the glasses would take another one week. I requested to talk to the person who sold me the glasses and i was told he is busy with client and can not speak to you now. I left a message for him to call me back. After few minutes, a lady calls me back and conveys the same message that the glasses will not be ready. I again insisted to talk to the person who sold me the glasses and again i was told that he is busy with a client and can not speak to me now. I again told her to ask him to call me back.

  14. He called me back at last when i was driving. I was on bluetooth when he called so had to shout a bit to make sure that he can hear me well. He told me that while selling the glasses, he told me it would take TWO weeks…Surprise… One week became Two weeks… I tried to argue with him and he hanged phone on me saying i am shouting… I called him back and tried to argue with him and he hanged the phone again…I called him back and started talking slowly. Because i was driving,

  15. and i was talking slowly, he could not hear me and kept on saying hello..hellooo..heloooo inbetween our conversation… I stopped my car, took up the handset and called him again. Now he can hear me well. I told him its fine with me if it takes two weeks but it was not good of him to hang the phone on me like that. Is this how they treat their customers? He replies, so what do you want to do now? Instead of apologising, he is asking me what i want to do? I told him i will have to complain to your manager and he goes, i own the practice!!!! No Manners of doing a business at all.
    If a manager behaves like this i wonder how the other staff would be at Alexander Heights? I have spent $160 on my mothers glasses and now will have to spend further posting the frames to her destination.
    Insted of apologising and admitting their mistake, manager is asking me on what i want to do?
    Is this the kind of customer service are we going to receive from SpecSavers?
    OHH i forgot to mention that because of managers unfairness, i was so angrey that i forgot that i am overspeeding and i got fined $150

  16. Astounded at the rudeness that some of these customers of Specsavers have experienced. I too have had a run in recently at their branch in Bedford England. But I stood my ground and they upheld my complaint and are replacing my glasses for me. I was firm but polite. As my granny used to say you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!

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