Enterprise ‘Finale’


So we’ve just watched the so called finale of Enterprise.

To be honest it is just as bad as everybody has said, and whilst it was good to see a bit of the Next Generation Enterprise, this was totally the wrong context. The actual plot was wafer thin, instead we had about half the episode of Riker pretending to be the cook and talking to the different members of the cast. For no apparent reason they kill off Trip, in a totally contrived way, almost just for some drama, but it just leaves you cold.

The final insult so-to-speak was that what should have been the grand final scene, with Archer making a speech at the formation of the Federation, (which as Troi said, she studied in school), instead after loads of padding we get Riker and Troi walking back onto the Next Generation Enterprise, and no speech.

As I said last week, the penultimate episode was much more of a finale than this fiasco. Perhaps the only saving grace was a nice sequence at the end bringing together the three Enterprises from the various series, but ultimately the episode was a great disappointment.

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  1. I stopped watch Enterprise last series. I had actually struggled with the whole thing from the start.

    I have come to the conclusion Sci-Fi prequels are a very bad idea.

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