Ooops, Thats Another Fine Mess The Anglican Church Has Got Into

This article in the Times raised a smile, although I feel a good deal of sympathy for the priest involved.

Basically, the vicar of Ealing in West London has been elected Bishop of the Lake Malawi diocese in Central Africa, following an almost twenty year relationship with the diocese. During that time he has raised over £250,000 for projects in the diocese, visited frequently, and even arranging hospital treatment in the UK for the previous Bishop for the cancer that ultimately killed him.

However there is a slight problem, the diocese is very conservative in their theology, and the vicar of Ealing is not. In fact he used to lead the Modern Churchpeoples Union.

The church in Central Africa is now busily trying to unlect their new Bishop, despite him winning a significant majority in the election, using eclesiastical law to find a problem with the process of election.

All in all it’s another embarassing bit of worldwide publicity for the Anglican Church. Basically the regular electors elected the man on the basis of having met him and his actions, and yet the whole ongoing war within the Church has resulted in other parts of the church abusing it’s own powers to unelect the duly appointed bishop. Father Jake offers a pretty succinct statement of the whole situation in a recent posting, in the USA, which seems just as relevant to this.

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