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Google have just added a great specialist blog search to their selection of searches.

If you’ve ever tried similar services like those from Technorati you’ll know how slow they can be, but the Google Search blows them away.

I did a couple of test searches. First the ego boost customary search for my name, which brings up a link to here in the first line, and then a stack of postings from the blog. Second I tried looking up blogs on “No Sex Please We’re Teenagers” which really swiftly came back with 88 postings on the subject. Certainly seems to be a great tool.

On the subject of great tools, another variation on the blog search is memeorandum. Currently it is only focused on political postings or technology postings, but what it does is monitor the postings to blogs, and based on who is posting and when, put more popular subjects towards the top. So for example the current top tech articles are looking at Google Blog Search. The creator of the software behind memeorandum posts his aims for the project on his blog. The sites update every five minutes, so in almost real time you can see what is the current hot topic, and see it drift away again as time goes on. Fascinating stuff.

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