Scoble Geek Dinner – Take 2

Sarah has confirmed the date for Robert Scoble’s return to the Texas Embassy in London for another round of Geek Dinnering. The buffet dinner is £20, plus there will be free wine from Stormhoek.

As before there look to be the usual mix of bloggers, media types, technology fans and so on going along, and of course wi-fi available. Plus with it being a Saturday night, there won’t be as much need for me to rush off to get home to bed at a reasonable time. Beth has even decided to come along too, which may make Sarah happier at more female company, although I don’t think Beth counts as a Geek. Anyway, if it is half as good as the last dinner, it is well worth the effort of heading up to London, and comes highly recommended, sign up now over on the wiki.

2 thoughts on “Scoble Geek Dinner – Take 2”

  1. Now my wife is thinking of coming to this one too.

    What’s going on? Are our wifes checking up on us Richard?

    Well then, we’ll really have to go this time unlike the last where we just ended up in a strip-joint and got totally plastered.

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