Birthday Party

Birthday Party 5

So tonight we went out to celebrate the 25th birthday of one of Beth’s fellow teachers. We met up with Kerri and another 14 of her friends at Zizzi’s in Reading, oddly enough where we’re going for the Geek Dinner in a couple of weeks. If there are any Geek Dinner attendees reading, I can confirm that there is Wi-Fi coverage in the restaurant. 😀

Anyway, it was one of those evenings where there was a pretty broad cross section of the hosts friends from a number of different places – old friends, housemates, workmates. Having said that there were a lot of teachers, however we were also sat next to an old University friend of Kerri’s who worked for the Crown Estate, and was rather surprised that I knew what it was! (Essentially it is the land which is owned by the British Monarch, as a role – rather than the person who currently sits on the throne. However although the Queen theoretically owns the land, it is passed to parliamentary control in return for her payment from the civil list. The current portfolio of property is worth in excess of £4 billion, and includes quite a bit of land around the local area. You can read more about them at

There are a few more snaps from the dinner over in my Flickr stream. They were again taken with the camera on the Sony Ericsson K750i phone, although this time there were at least three other people in the party with the same phone – definitely seems to be getting popular!

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