And it’s Goodnight from Him

Ronnie Barker

Today we had the sad news that Ronnie Barker has passed away at the age of 76. Whilst in his recent TV appearances he certainly was looking pretty old and frail, and he has been largely retired from show business for many years, it is still sad to see him go.

Like Morecambe and Wise and Dad’s Army, the Two Ronnies were part of the comedy we watched when I was a child. Even though by modern standards their comedy may be considered pretty tame, I still went out and bought DVD’s of the show, which together with DVD’s of Morecambe and Wise and Dad’s Army served as a bit of a crash course in British comedy for Beth when she moved over to the UK.

So although Ronnie Barker may have now passed away, he will live on through such favourite sketches as the “Fork Handles” sketch, the “Mastermind” sketch and many, many others.

The Best of The Two Ronnies [1971] The Two Ronnies - The Best Of The Two Ronnies - Vol. 2

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