Decisions Decisions

So with only a day to go before the second Microsoft Developer Day, I’m now trying to decide which sessions to attend.

Looking at the agenda there is again a wide choice of sessions, more this time round as there are five tracks rather than the three that there were before. The other factor may well be getting in to some of the popular sessions, as the day is booked out with all 350 places taken, so aside from any last minute drop outs there won’t be any spare seats around. I’m leaning towards trying to stick to one particular track, and also minimising any jumping between rooms, especially between any of the thirty minute sessions, currently it looks like the schedule in Chicago 2 may be the one for me.

We’ve actually got a spreadsheet going at work amongst the people who are going to try and ensure that if there are any clashing sessions where people can’t attend both, that between us we manage to cover everything. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the day, and also the Geek Dinner that is going to take place afterwards, should be fun.

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