Stephen Fry – Mac Fan

Reading through the December issue of Mac Format that turned up in the post this week, I was interested to read an interview with Stephen Fry (who describes his occupation as a writer, actor and flower arranger to the stars in the article) about his Apple Mac addiction.

According to the article he got his first Mac twenty-one years ago, and now owns loads of Macs with at least eight being specifically mentioned. However the most interesting, and very “Stephen Fry” type answer is reserved for the question of why he has a Mac instead of a PC:

You may as well ask someone who has the choice why they live in a Georgian house and not a 1960s towerblock. It drives me mad that people who spend their working lives in front of a screen do so in a Windows environment, the equivalent of a “sick building syndrome” office, with strip lighting, ugly furniture and no freshness, sexiness or imagination in design. People are dragging out their lives in the computer equivalent of a sink estate and no one questions it. God rot Windows and all its ugly, clunky, badly-designed horror.

Mmm, I think maybe he doesn’t much like windows then… From my point of view, whilst I prefer the environment of MacOS X I don’t think I’d describe Windows XP in quite such damning terms as Fry does here. Having said that it still an amusing interview, and worth picking up.

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