Automatic Updates

When I came to upload the picture for the previous post, I did the same thing I always do, and took the memory card from the phone, and plugged it into the Mac. Now what usually happens is that the usually reliable iPhoto detects the card, and offers to import the pictures, but detects that the hundred and twenty or so pictures on the phone that I have previously imported, are already in my library, and offers to skip them.

This time, everything worked as before, except that iPhoto totally failed to identify that there were duplicates.

Searching on Google, I could find people who had a similar problem, but as a result of the most recent iPhoto update – something that I put on back in September – and I’ve imported a load of pictures since then without problems. The only possible change I could find is the OS 10.4.3 update that was installed automatically last weekend, however the only mention of iPhoto in the change details was to do with Spotlight and iPhoto – nothing about importing pictures.

Anyway, I’m sure the problem will be fixed in the next update, and until then, I’m using the slightly more involved Image Capture application that also comes with MacOS X, to ensure I only import what I need to.

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