Every Little Helps?

Every Little Helps?

Stopping off at Tesco in Wokingham today, we spotted that they had replaced their fleet of small trolleys, not surprising, as they are the most used trolleys in the store, and were starting to look a bit bashed around the edges.

Whilst it was nice to have the new trolleys, it seemed that the marketing department had been let loose and tweaked the design a bit.

One of the things I liked about the smaller trolleys is that instead of a seat, they had a really convenient clip-board attached just behind the handle, just the right size to take the usually extensive list Beth sends me down to Tesco with. However it seems with the new trolleys, the marketing department have spotted some unused space – a nice area in which to put an advertisment.

But it gets worse. I assume that they don’t want people actually blocking the advert with anything as trivial as a list, so there is now absolutely no way to actually attach your list at all, the clip is gone, in fact the whole convenience to the shopper of having the board there in the first place is gone. Every little helps?

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