Is a Camera Phone All You Need?

I had an interesting chat with Howard today, about whether people really needed more than a good camera phone. It came about partly as a result of the pictures he took when he went to a Faithless gig this week, all of which were taken on his mobile phone. Certainly a look back over my recent blog postings will show what a fan I am of my current camera phone .

Anyway, the other element in the discussion was that I was trying to decide whether it was worth taking a ‘proper’ camera to the Geek Dinner next week, or whether to just stick with the mobile phone.

Wild Goose Island and Saint Mary Lake

Looking at the options, our ‘proper’ camera has produced some stunning pictures such as the image of the Saint Mary Lake from the summer.

However, we’ve also had some great shots from the camera phone, with it being the source of our set of pictures from the last Geek Dinner, or the cold snap shots I took recently near the Church.

It’s also worth noting that both cameras can produce their fair share of duff shots, especially in poor lighting conditions, and both have their hiccups – the ‘proper’ camera having so many modes that it is sometimes a pain working out which to use in which situation, and the cameraphone being the interminable wait between shutter press and the picture being taken.

Lifting Fog

There is also the issue of the dinner being in central London, and pretty busy with people, so having one more thing to keep track of might make life more difficult.

This seems to be pointing me towards relying on the camera phone. But of course that then leads to the question over whether, if I am starting to use the phone for situations where I know I will be taking pictures, rather than just odd snapshots, is it possible to do away with a ‘proper’ camera altogether?

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