Sick Cat 2

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about our sick cat. This last weekend she had another bad turn, and was sick at least five times between saturday and monday morning, and also on both sunday night and monday morning didn’t do her usual routine of asking for food at 10pm and 6am. By monday morning she was feeling decidedly thin again, although she seemed perfectly comfortable.

Anyway, on monday morning, we decided that she should go an see the vet again, and we took her straight along, and after examining her the vet decided to take her in for observation. Needless to say, as with the previous times she has been taken in she ate food, and didn’t vomit at all the entire time she was there. The vet phoned early this afternoon and said we could take her home.

Beth went and picked her up about 5pm, and by 8:30pm she’d been sick in two separate parts of the house, exactly the same as before. This is before we’d even fed her anything. We’re also left wondering quite what to do, as the vet is now concerned that the vomiting is not related to the thyroid problem, as she has been on the thyroid medication for several weeks. The suggestion was that she has a sensitivity to her normal food, however she has been on the special dietary food for the past day or so, and it was that which she vomited tonight. Of course the interesting point to bear in mind is that if it is a different problem than the thyroid is that it will be a separate claim on the pet insurance, and of course another excess to pay.

The fact she didn’t vomit at the vets may not be because she hasn’t had the problem – her grumpy stubborn streak does go a long way – even to the point that the vets had to drain her bladder last time she was in because she wouldn’t use the litter tray at the vets!

On top of that, the vet also said that with regards to the thyroid she may not be a suitable candidate for surgery, leaving radiotherapy or a lifetime of pills the only options.

Update 9:15pm: Make that three times since she got home. Beth was holding her this time and managed to get her to the kitchen this time.

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