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Sophie Wants a Drink

Oh Hi...

So there I was, quietly working away on the computer, and then I hear this loud meow from over my shoulder…

It’s our beloved Sophie, sat in the sink in the bathroom, demanding a drink of water.

You can see the rest of the pictures in our picture gallery, suffice to say that once she’s got my attention, this is a well practised routine.

She always used to demand water in the bath, so first off she will go and sit in the bath and stare at the taps, then once I’ve seen that, she’ll hop up and stand back in the sink again, until I can move her enough to get the plug into the plughole and run some water. Having said that, half the time the disruption of having had to move her out the way to run the water means she goes off in a huff…

Such are the delights of owning nutty cats…

Kitty on a Diet


We’re not making ourselves overly popular with Sophie at the moment.

After her previous illness, I’ve already noted that she has been putting on weight. Well since then it has got to the point that she is now not quite making jumps that she used to be able to manage – and usually a failed jump ends up with a glare at us as if we’d made the chair arm higher or something. Even the previously exciting cord from the blind seems to not be interesting now it involves too much chasing around. All it merits now is a couple of half-hearted swipes before she goes back to spreading out on the floor!

As a result, the decision has been made to put her on a diet, so she is now not getting quite as much food as she did, and she’s not overly happy about it. The usual early morning complaints from outside our bedroom door which used to only be when we were sleeping in, and late with breakfast, are now daily. Indeed one morning last week, she woke us up at 5:30am with her complaining. There is also general grumpiness when she sees how much food she’s getting. Things aren’t going to get much better tomorrow either, as she’s off down to the vets for a checkup and for her shots, although at least then there will be an opportunity to find out whether the weight gain is anything we can sort out by diet, or whether it is a side effect of her current pills.

Sophie on Next Doors Bench 1

Having said that, life isn’t all bad. Next door have spent a good deal of the past month or so landscaping their back garden, and have added a nice bench, that sits in just the right spot to catch the morning sun. Needless to say, Sophie has discovered it, and is making use of it already. Beth managed to snap a couple of shots of Sophie enjoying the sunshine on their bench, before she moved on to the bench in our garden to catch the sun later on. Shameless – as you can see…

Sick Cat 2

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about our sick cat. This last weekend she had another bad turn, and was sick at least five times between saturday and monday morning, and also on both sunday night and monday morning didn’t do her usual routine of asking for food at 10pm and 6am. By monday morning she was feeling decidedly thin again, although she seemed perfectly comfortable.

Anyway, on monday morning, we decided that she should go an see the vet again, and we took her straight along, and after examining her the vet decided to take her in for observation. Needless to say, as with the previous times she has been taken in she ate food, and didn’t vomit at all the entire time she was there. The vet phoned early this afternoon and said we could take her home.

Beth went and picked her up about 5pm, and by 8:30pm she’d been sick in two separate parts of the house, exactly the same as before. This is before we’d even fed her anything. We’re also left wondering quite what to do, as the vet is now concerned that the vomiting is not related to the thyroid problem, as she has been on the thyroid medication for several weeks. The suggestion was that she has a sensitivity to her normal food, however she has been on the special dietary food for the past day or so, and it was that which she vomited tonight. Of course the interesting point to bear in mind is that if it is a different problem than the thyroid is that it will be a separate claim on the pet insurance, and of course another excess to pay.

The fact she didn’t vomit at the vets may not be because she hasn’t had the problem – her grumpy stubborn streak does go a long way – even to the point that the vets had to drain her bladder last time she was in because she wouldn’t use the litter tray at the vets!

On top of that, the vet also said that with regards to the thyroid she may not be a suitable candidate for surgery, leaving radiotherapy or a lifetime of pills the only options.

Update 9:15pm: Make that three times since she got home. Beth was holding her this time and managed to get her to the kitchen this time.

Cat Communication

Sophie 1

Reading Wil Shipley’s blog today it seems that his cats have been taking lessons from Sophie over making a fuss.

This morning, the word on the street (where the street is actually the foot of my bed) was that, sometime late last night, the cat food bowl ran almost empty.

This news was imparted to me with such urgency that I assumed it must have been meant for a much wider distribution, as if my fuzzy friends had used their super-keen senses to detect an imminent earthquake or another global-warming-induced hurricane.

It is well-known, of course, that cats can die to death from not eating for six hours. Or, in this case, from having to eat the kibble bits left on the bottom of the bowl, which is clearly less desirable, else why would it be left over? It was the kibble found wanting, and to have to eat it would be tantamount to death, at least.

We’re having a similar problem with Sophie at the moment. Like a lot of pets she is very much a creature of habit, and will start to get quite vocal if she doesn’t get fed at her usual times, don’t do things the way we usually do (for example when we go on holiday). On a usual day she expects food at about 6am, goes off and goes to sleep when we would usually leave for work, is sat on the stairs or behind the door when we get home, and in the evening it is demanding food for around 10pm.

However, this past week we have had the annual problem caused by the clock change, which of course she doesn’t cope with at all, so she’s decided that if we haven’t got up and fed her at 5am that we should be and she starts complaining. In the evening from about 7:30pm now she is trying to trip you up if you go anywhere near the kitchen, I assume on the basis that since we forgot to feed her until an hour later the night before, we need to be reminded early. In general we’re getting a lot of complaining because we’ve changed our schedule.

Matters are made somewhat worse by the fact that we’ve recently been shutting her out of our room at night, since she took to sleeping either on top of Beth, or wedged in on the end of her pillow, rather than on the end of the bed where Sophie had slept before – so we get pretty vocal complaining about that too. Remind me again, why is it that we have a pet?