Christmas Geek and Greet

Sarah Tries the Fish

Last night we went along to what was originally going to be the Channel 9 Christmas Geek and Greet, however with one thing and another, it turned out to be a pretty selective bunch of people who went along. I think, what with many people from further afield having come down for the Geek Dinner last week, and this weekend being the most popular for office Christmas dinners and the like, most people decided to give this one a miss.

As a result it ended up being a group of friends going out, with some crackers thrown in for good measure. Alongside myself and Beth were Dave, Sarah, Barry and Mike. Ian was apparently supposed to be coming, but didn’t appear in the end.

We both enjoyed ourselves, and it was a good chance to chat with Dave, something we haven’t done much since he changed jobs at work. It was also nice having a smaller group of people compared to the big Christmas dinners we went to on Friday, and that we are going to again on Monday.

Anyway, I’ve posted a few pictures from the evening, which can be seen on Flickr.

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