Final Rehearsal

Tonight was the last Youth Group session of the term, and the last chance for a proper rehearsal for the Youth Group Christmas performance, aside from a quick run through on the stage just before the village concert on Wednesday.

This time Beth and myself were with the older group, who are doing a play in modern dress, with Mary and Joseph in Reading. We had a fifty percent success rate with lines, in that half the cast, mainly the girls, had learnt their lines, whilst the boys kept resorting to the script. One memorably said ‘this is like a wedding’ when Beth had prompted him an entire speech line by line.

The other quite amusing moment was as a result of the young gentleman playing Joseph being at the not wanting to touch a girl stage – which as the script calls for him to kiss Mary at one point proved somewhat of a problem. Needless to say in a year or two we’ll probably have the opposite problem, with him being unable to keep his hands off! Anyway, some quick thinking on Beth’s part, has resulted in a script tweak, so he goes to kiss Mary, but before he actually has to get too close, she goes into labour…

Anyway, the big nativity sketch that the other group is doing seems be going well, we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that it will be all right on the night!

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