Old Pictures

Although I currently have over seven hundred pictures stored on Flickr, aside from moving over some galleries from other sites, I’ve tended to only upload new shots shortly after I’ve taken them. Since my iPhoto database currently runs to nearly four thousand seven hundred pictures, and I very rarely use anywhere near the full bandwidth on my Flickr account, I thought I’d start uploading some older pictures.

Grandad WWII

The first set of pictures I uploaded were the ones at the top of my iPhoto database – a set of pictures scanned from various old pictures that my family found when they were clearing my grandmothers house. There are several pictures of my Mum and her siblings and cousins, but also this interesting picture taken during World War 2. We know absolutely nothing about when or where it was taken, or who is in it aside from my grandfather, who is third from the right, just behind the chap in the coat. My grandfather didn’t particularly discuss his experiences during the war, in fact I didn’t even know that he had the rank of Major until his funeral, when the British Legion sent along a flag bearer, and the coffin was covered in a Union Jack with his hat and gloves on top. Interestingly he had shared his medals out between the grandchildren years before.

You can see the other pictures in the set in our photo galleries.

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