The Upgrade Dilema

So as of Boxing Day, version 2.0 of WordPress, the platform on which we host this site was released.

The big question from my point of view is whether to upgrade right now, or wait and see what happens. I have the time at the moment, since I’ve got a few days off work between Christmas and New Year – but then do I want to spend that time messing around trying to get the blog to work?

So far I’ve been keeping an eye on the blogs for feedback from other WordPress users, particularly those with slightly more complicated sites as although we’re pretty well using the default theme here, there are a lot of plug-ins and tweaks running, and from previous experience plug-ins and tweaks are where the problems occur – people with standard builds are usually okay.

So far I’ve seen quite a few of the ‘upgrade went fine’, ‘simplest upgrade ever’ type posts, however what has guided my decision for the moment is this posting from Tech Cruch who have had days of hassle getting things to work properly, and this post on the Optiniche Blog advising that if you’re happy with 1.5.2, which I am, to wait and see with version 2.0. So, on that basis, I’m opting for the wait and see – maybe when 2.1 comes around I’ll upgrade then!

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