Shozu Support Round 1

You may have noticed that my posting on my problems with installing Shozu last night attracted some interest, and specifically a comment from Andy Tiller, the CTO of Cognima, the company behind Shozu. (You can see his bio on their Executive Team page.)

Incidentally, I’m pretty impressed with the fact that I got a comment from someone so senior in the company. Robert Scoble has highlighted the importance of keeping an eye on what is being said about your company or product – indeed he does the same for Microsoft – but this is the first time I’ve had experience of another company actually doing it.

Anyway, later on in the day, as promised I got an e-mail from one of the support team. Unfortunately, the opening suggestion was of the “user hasn’t read the instructions” variety, and effectively told me that I had a problem with my interent settings, and that I needed to create a new access through the Internet APN. It is worth pointing out at this point that I already had the settings all created, as I use the phone to access e-mail from my PDA, however I decided to play ball, and even did a full reset on the phone in order to clear out absolutely everything, and added one set of settings as per his instructions.

However, it didn’t make a jot of difference, clean phone, brand new settings, same problem – the download fails with the .jad file.

At this point I decided to try out just grabbing the .jar file, which worked fine, and Shozu even installed, however it wouldn’t run as the other job the .jad file performs is to authorise Shozu to have full access to the internet, and without that it can’t work.

Anyway, I’ve replied to their support desk, also listing the details of the phone firmware and setup, to see if that gets anywhere. As Andy said in his comment, they definitely want to get me up and running…

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