FTSE 100 Company Brought to a Halt by Calendar

Yesterday, in a scene that I guess was repeated all across the company, our floor was temporarily brought to a halt by the arrival of the company 2006 desk calendar.

The design has gone over a couple of revisions in recent years, and for the past two has been a tri-fold card with a series of small pictures of various aspects of company business, that slotted easily into a triangular structure to sit on the desk.

2006 Calendar

This year we had a new design, with a glossy panoramic shot of one of our wind-farms on one side, and the calendar on the other. There was also a helpful bit of double sided tape already attached to one end to roll it into a tube.

This of course produced the intelligence test that brought people to a halt whilst they tried to work out which way it was supposed to go together – dates out, or wind farm… In fact it was quite amusing as people came back watching them experimentally roll it one way, and then the other. Needless to say that there were a few people trying to mount the calendar up in such a way as to see both.

Channel 9 Guy Visits Windfarm

Having said that, the nice panoramic shot did give me an opportunity to have a bit of fun with my Channel 9 Guy – although the fact that he is casting a shadow over the wind-farm behind is a bit of a giveaway – as is the corner of the slip case for my PDA on which he is sitting.

Incidentally, if you’re in the market for a calendar, I spotted that Firebox are importing the classic Despair Calendar from the US. Along with twelve of the best of the motivational poster send ups produced by Despair Inc it also includes a vast selection of notable dates, like December 23rd 1690, when astronomer Royal John Flamstead made the first recorded observation of Uranus, thinking it was a star. However it wasn’t until almost one hundred years later, on March 13th, 1781, that the planet was actually ‘discovered’ by William Herschel. Certainly something to keep you entertained for the next year.

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