We had the annual adult choir post Christmas dinner last night, at a restaurant in Wokingham.

However, there was an interesting bit of gossip. According to the daughter of one of the people in the Choir, who heard it from her friend, whose Mum knows the local estate agent, Robbie Williams has bought one of the houses in the parish.

It gets better though – the house he has bought is called ‘Angels Rest’, (for those who miss the significance, one of his best known songs is called Angels) and the local fireplace shop in Sandhurst has taken a special order for a new fireplace with carved angels!

It is worth saying at this point that somebody else at the dinner knew the next door neighbour, who has said that whilst Robbie Williams had been interested in the house, it had subsequently been sold to someone else. However since another person had commented that since the girls in her office had found out they had spent lunchtimes walking or driving back and forth in front of the house, I expect the people who live next door would be actively trying to discourage to much attention to their street.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it’s actually true…

3 thoughts on “Gossip”

  1. If this rumour proves to be true, I fully expect you both to be-friend him, and to have him for dinner when I visit next January. Thank-you in advance … LOL xox … Meli

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