Updated CV

I spent quite a bit of the afternoon giving my CV a much needed rewrite. What I’ve tried to do is get key information onto the first page, rather than the old layout which was a Microsoft Word default that puts my qualifications first up before getting into the employment details. Hopefully the new layout is more successful at getting key information first that is going to get people wanting to read more.

Before anybody asks the inevitable question about whether I’ve redone my CV because I’m looking for a new job, resigned from my current job or whatever, I should probably explain. Ever since I was made redundant from Hi-Q back in 2002, when I was taken totally by surprise and didn’t have anything sorted, I’ve always made sure that I keep my CV up to date, and that I keep an eye on the market. You never know what may be around the corner – Scottish Power is the current takeover speculation, but who knows what may happen.

Also, I think I’m like many people in that whilst I’m relatively happy and secure in my current job, it’s ideal. When you take a new post you always have to compromise on something. In this case the big issue is the location and the resultant time I spend driving back and forth to Havant every day. Whilst Beth and myself have talked a lot about moving, that would mean Beth having to change her job, and of course we’d have to try and find another Church, as a result we’ve remained around here.

Anyway, if you’d like to take a look at what I’ve done over my career so far, the CV is posted on this page – it’s currently an embedded PDF, although in the longer term I’ll produce a more web friendly copy.

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