Do They Think We’re The Ladykillers?

Now it has to be said, that one of Howard’s Games Nights is not exactly the quietest of activities, and I wouldn’t have been surprised to either have a neighbour, or even a policeman on the doorstep on Friday asking us to keep the noise down, especially as Howard now lives in an apartment block with neighbours in three directions. However there has been nothing, no complaints at all.

Then I started thinking. Howard is currently working pretty odd hours, and only a couple of days a week. Despite not appearing to work he has a posh apartment, and flashy car (with dodgy registration), and a large group of men turn up and make a lot of loud music. Reminds me a bit of the plot of The Ladykillers, the 1955 movie starring Alec Guiness as a criminal planning a robbery whilst pretending to be practising music with his friends in the back room of an old ladies house. Some of you probably know the 2004 Coen Brothers remake… Maybe even now the neighbours are thinking that Howard is some sort of master criminal… Or maybe not. 😀

Anyway, speculation aside, the movie is well worth getting hold of, and also a great example as to why Guiness always bemoaned only being remembered for Star Wars!

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