Lets Talk About Sex

So tonight was the first time that we’d talked about sex and relationships with the older young people in the Youth Group since No Sex Please We’re Teenagers.

This time we were using a DVD called Fresh, from a group called The Tribe, backed by The Message Trust in Manchester. We’re working through a number of their sessions, and certainly this, like the previous session has gone down well with our group. We also made use of some of the things we’d picked up from watching “No Sex…“.

As usual there were some interesting moments. We kicked off with rating ten attributes for your perfect partner – and most of the boys put looks at number 1, whilst the girls generally went for sense of humour, or trustworthy. Again there was a quite shocking lack of knowledge, which is ultimately why we cover the topic quite frequently – tonight we had at least one person who didn’t know what an abortion was, there was the usual looks of horror when we talk about STD‘s, particularly Chlamydia and it’s lack of symptoms, and perhaps most worrying was that a number of the young people thought that AIDS had been cured.

Whilst it is one of those sessions that we as leaders don’t overly look forward to, partly because of the subject matter, and partly because Beth and myself, as a couple doing the session we do get quizzed by the young people about our history at times. However when the young people demonstrate, as the young people on “No Sex…” did, that they are being affected by our culture, but have a frightening lack of knowledge, if we’ve at least equipped them with a better understanding of the issues, risks, and how to cope, then it is worth a bit of discomfort for the leaders.

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