Good News from Shozu

I had a great e-mail from Andy Tiller at Cognima today, as part of my ongoing discussion with him over Shozu:

Hi Richard

Thought you might like to know that we plan to make the change you suggested in our next ShoZu release (due February). The Java app will then work with an ‘ask once’ policy.

Thanks for helping us clarify our thinking on this.

Best regards


It’s really great to find an IT company that is happy to listen and open to discuss their product with their customers. Whilst most people would think that was a pretty obvious idea, you’d be surprised how many times I’ve put in bug reports or feature requests and not heard a thing!

Also it was great that the positive response means that next month I’ll finally be able to give Shozu a go. A somewhat better outcome than this example given by Hugh McLeod, where although the guys at RememberTheMilk responded, ultimately they couldn’t solve this guys problem.

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