Seaside Diocese?

We’re really enjoying the new series of A Seaside Parish, but I think one of the reasons that we’re enjoying it is because the outlook has widened out to include the local Bishop, and a variety of other parts of Cornwall. Although we still see life in Boscastle, it is showing much more about life in the wider church.

One of the interesting additions are a pair of new priests, who at the start of the series were just weeks before their ordination. This week we saw one of the practising presiding at a Eucharist on his dining room table. Now I know it sounds odd, but I’d never thought of a priest as practising this, but having seen the show it seems pretty obvious! The one interesting question that Beth asked was whether ‘it counted’, i.e. whether he consumed all the bread and wine after he had practised!

Next week we see the other new priest perform her first wedding. However from the trailer all does not go according to plan. Quite aside from the nerves of the first time, it seems she manages to drop the wedding ring, and of course the BBC film crew are there to capture the whole thing and broadcast it to the nation!

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