Apple and Sony Ericsson Announce New Products

Whilst you might expect that the Apple announcement today would be the most exciting, I’m with The Unofficial Apple Weblog in thinking that after all the rumours, it was a bit of a letdown. Really the iPod cases and Intel based Mac Mini’s haven’t really hit the ‘I want one’ buttons for me at all.

The same can’t be said for the announcement today from Sony Ericsson. As you’ve probably seen in some of my recent postings, I’ve been being tempted by the upcoming Sony Ericsson P990 Smartphone, which seems to offer a pretty effective combination of PDA and phone, in a reasonable sized handset, something that could replace both my K750, and Dell PDA. However today, as predicted by All About Symbian last week Sony Ericsson have announced the K790 and K800 phones, essentially the same phone, but for 2G and 3G networks.

The reason it is so tempting is that whilst the underlying OS is much the same as the Sony Ericsson P990 Smartphone, this phone includes a much better camera, indeed they are selling it under the Cybershot brand that Sony use on their normal digital cameras. It looks to be not much larger in terms of size than my existing K750, indeed the K800 has been touted as the replacement for the K750 in the range. About the only significant missing features that I might find useful are that there is no support for Wi-Fi, but that is only really a nice-to-have, and that it lacks the touch-screen – being driven instead with a regular phone style keypad. So decisions decisions, do I go for the smartphone, or the better camera… I guess I’ll have to wait for both to be released and compare!

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