What Has Gone Wrong With Demon Internet?

Back in the early days of the Internet revolution, Demon Internet were pioneers. When Cliff Stanford started off it’s famous tenner a month service, it was the first ISP in the UK for individuals, and I have to say back in the mid-nineties I was a pretty happy customer.

However, following the appalling mess they made of my account, the last of a whole series of problems, I went with Zen Internet for my broadband connection, and my e-mail comes through Gradwell.com, all of which is pretty stable – indeed my ADSL connection has dropped only once in all the time I’ve had it. The same can’t be said for Demon. My parents decided to stick with them when they upgraded to broadband, and although they haven’t hit any problems like mine with accounts, they have regular technical problems.

The most fundamental of these is with e-mail. Again tonight I’ve had several e-mails in from my parents asking me to forward on e-mails that have been bounced, because the destination ISP has blacklisted the Demon mail server. This is not the first time it has happened, in actual fact it is a pretty regular occurrence. Essentially, what keeps happening is that since the majority of Demon customers use the same mail cluster, if whether deliberately, or thanks to a virus a whole load of spam is sent out through the mail server the automated spam blacklists trip, and the Demon mail server gets blocked by a number of ISP’s around the world that subscribe to the blacklists. This wouldn’t be too bad if Demon dealt with the problem quickly, but usually it goes on for days before they get the block removed, and in that time e-mails to the affected ISP’s get bounced. Now I’m quite sure that all the other ISP’s have exactly the same problems with customer PC’s getting infected with spam producing malware, however many of the other ISP’s seem to be able to deal with it without blocking e-mail for customers for days on end.

As to when it all went wrong, many of the long time Demon customers point to the sell out to Scottish Power in 1998 as being the point where it all started to go wrong – that is certainly around the time I started to have problems. The irony that I had similar problems with Scottish Power whose accounts system didn’t match up with reality, as I did with the Demon accounts system that didn’t match up with reality is not lost on me. Nor is the fact that in both cases it took a lot of hassle to get them to sort the problems, whilst with Scottish Power I had Energywatch to fall back on to, Demon just to weeks and weeks of calls, and eventually getting to talk to someone senior in their customer service department. Certainly once I got through to somebody senior, things started to get sorted, it’s just that with both their front-line technical and customer service call centres they don’t seem to be able to solve the problems. Take the last time the e-mail servers started getting blocked, the Demon helpline blamed the other ISP, and questioned whether my parents e-mail was set up correctly, despite having been sent a log that showed that the Demon mail server has been blacklisted.

So if you’re stuck on a twelve month contract with Demon, what is there to do? Whilst you can’t avoid any problems with ADSL connectivity, you certainly could bypass the e-mail problems. The ultimate solution is to get yourself a domain name through an independent service such as Gradwell.com. On the few occasions I’ve had problems using Gradwell.com they have always been quick to sort things out, and happy to investigate problems. Indeed on a couple of occasions I’ve even had tech support from Peter Gradwell himself. Since you can take the domain name with you if you move provider, you then get over the problem of having your e-mail address tied to a particular ISP, as you do if you use your Demon address for example. Indeed, although Howard is now also with Gradwell.com, he has moved his durdle.com domain several times over the years. If you don’t want to go for the full domain, at the very least, sending your outgoing e-mail through a different mail server would solve the problems. For example for £15 a year (just £1.25 a month) Gradwell.com will allow you to use their server for outgoing e-mail. Certainly whilst Demon may provide the service it once did, there are plenty of alternatives around.

Update: Mum forwarded on the bounce e-mail to the other ISP and recieved the following reply:

– –
The IP you previously provided has been removed from the Comcast.net blocklist.

After review of the blocking, the IP you submitted was found to have been blocked due to the fact that the majority of the traffic from that IP contained content indicative of spam. If you are not aware of the traffic that could have caused this, we recommend a review of your outbound mail logs and ensuring that all computers connecting to through the submitted IP are clear of any security exploits.

If you look up, that comes back as anchor-fallback-96.mail.demon.net, part of the Demon mail cluster.

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  1. I agree, and it’s a shame because Demon used to be highly regarded. I have a problem with their broadband service. They provide me with an 8Mbps service, but their Fair Use Policy only allows me to use this for half an hour a day at full speed. Any more than that, and I exceed what they see as ‘fair use’, and they restrict my service to 128kbps for 30 days.

  2. The problem with the FUP is that most users only discover the hard, fast limits once they’ve exceeded them. Home 8000 and Home Office 8000 are advertised as unlimited packages (with an inspecific, vague FUP), but actually have 50gb and 60gb monthly limits respectively. You won’t find that in writing of course. Bypass the limit, and your speed is reduced to a sub ISDN level for thirty days during peak hours (9am to 10pm). Even though there is no facility for measuring how much bandwidth you’ve even used (and a software solution is no solution for those with routers & multiple computers), that is your punishment. *sigh*

    What annoys me is that before I migrated to Demon from Pipex last November, I was very clear about being a content creator in an MMOG that not only requires broadband, but also results in an average monthly data transfer of 50gb (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less). I was told that this would be fine, that heavy P2P users are Demon’s main concern. But it’s evident from posts on usenet and the thinkbroadband.com forums that they suddently moved the goalposts in mid-december and started to penalise people for exceeding the above limits.

    Well thirty days without broadband when your MMOG requires broadband means you can’t use that MMOG. And unlike many other ISPs who are upfront about their limits you CANNOT “buy” more bandwidth. This means you’re unable to continue using those services you got broadband for in the first place unless you become nocturnal. You can of course upgrade your account, but then the line has to be reprovisioned and this will result in 10-20 (actual) days downtime. You couldn’t make it up. =D

    Demon once traded on their reputation.
    One wonders what they’ll do once everybody knows it’s gone.

  3. we are trapped and punished for 30 days with speeds so low I am unable to use my bank accounts as the slow spped means I get logged out.
    Will haveay Bye to Demon.

  4. Demon are useless, we will be switching as soon as possible, there so called Technical Support Chat is about as much use as a rather large usless thing sat in India reading from a script and copying and pasting it into a chat window, hang on, that is exactly what there tech support is, its even better when there Tech Support wont put you through to Customer Relations and refuse to be of nay help what so ever..

  5. Oh Dear,

    I too have serious speed problems with Demon. Been using them for over 14 years and have always been very happy. They didn’t used to have a FUP as far as I knew. How do you find out that you are being victimised/sorry wrist slapped for exceeding the FUP.. My latency on ping is now around 2 seconds (yes Seconds no milliseconds) The service dies each day for 5-10 minutes every couple of hours. Does this sound familiar?

    I foresee sad days ahead for Demon 🙁

  6. I have spent the last four days e-mailing demon for an explaination of their fair use policy. I have downloaded 45 gig in the last 30 days. All I want to know if when can I download again.

    Can anyone tell me if the download limit is 50 gig per month or 50 gig on a rolling 30 days.

    If it is on 30 days, how do I know what day I am up to?

    must have sent 10 e-mails now and each one does not answer my question. They just copy and paste from a script.

    Any help would be great


  7. I had connectivity problems this week and was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of their phone support. But I agree. It should be illegal (if it isn’t already!) to call it ‘unlimited’ if there is a threshold above which it becomes limited. Providers should be forced to publish their FUP in technical terms, e.g. 8000MBps (60Gb/month on a rolling basis). Geek-friendly suppliers should also provide us with easy ways to monitor our progress and if necessary modify our behaviour before getting LARTed.

  8. The limit is 50GB on a rolling 30 day basis. I know this because I got a curt email from Demon telling me that I had exceeded their fair use limit and my access speed was now going to be cut to 128Mbps (on the phone I was like, WTF??? 128Mbps???).

    It was nice to be warned in advance that I might be on course to break the fair use limit (NOT), it was nice of them to point out the fair use limit when I signed up (NOT), oh and it’s great that you can go online and find out what your current usage level is at (NOT), yeah, go figure it out yourself sucker!

    It was great to be spoken to by their customer services like an errant school child that had to be punished and to be told that my excessive downloading was ruining the service for all their other NORMAL users.

    Thanks Demon for being sneaky, inconsiderate, making me feel like crap, treating me like a kid.

    I WON’T be renewing.

  9. Demon now make clear their FUP is based on 30 rolling days. OK -so at least it’s unequivocal. But I do like their definition of “peak time” – 0900 to 2300 hrs. Some peak!!! That’s 14/24 and to call this a “peak” is damned cheek

  10. There have been major e-mail problems twice within 2 weeks now. Their useless “message of the day” never gives and explanation and none is ever forthcoming. The thought of getting a decent broadband connection out of them now is remote. The connection speed is never anywhere near the promised 8mps and is often closer to 1.
    I am fed up. Who now gives the sort of service Demon once promised???

  11. My current ISP is Zen Internet, who I’ve been with since I stopped using Demon. As I’ve mentioned above, E-mail and hosting wise I’m using Gradwell. Both providers have proved way more reliable and supportive than Demon.

    It is worth mentioning that the connection speed can be affected by a number of factors, not all of them related to your ISP. Zen has a quite detailed explanation of how the 8meg connections operate highlighting some of the problems.

  12. We left demon after the 12 month contract had ended, they are still billing us and they even signed us up for a second contract and billing us the top price per month even after admiting it was a mistake. I have countless letters demanding payment, and now its in the hands of a collection agency. After 40 emails and hours of phone calls talking to idiots, and several letters to demon we are getting nowhere.

    How they can threaten us with bills for 2 contracts while we have been with BT for the past 4 months is beyond me. We will be taking them to court soon as it seems the only way to get them to understand simple facts that we left 4 months ago.

  13. I am with Demon (and have been since the dark ages). I am currently staring down the barrel of the 128Mbs limit due to hitting my limit for my Home Office contract (60GB instead of 50GB). I am pretty miffed to say the least, but as a realist you have to look at it from Demon’s point of view:

    Why Demon are right:

    We are crap customers; no ifs, no buts.
    We hog bandwidth.
    We are in a serious minority – most mom and pop accounts download 2-5GB per month max, are they going to give a damn if they lose 1% income and gain 25% capacity? I think not.

    Why Demon are wrong:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I have over the years pointed probably 50 or so people at Demon. The simple fact of the matter is that non-techies turn to the more technical types for advice on which service to subscribe to, you guys are not going to say Demon anymore….

  14. While the connection remains so so and middle of the road competitive demon tech support couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. I find them extremely thick, uneducated, and unable to grasp hold of a simple argument/query or question.

    Recent fun and games with Demon tech support include

    > Homeoffice upgrade issues including why was i being invoiced on the old domain (not shut) penalised on the old fair usage and unable to upload via http://FTP…. although during all this my new static IP and password worked

    > Demon reducing me to a crawl at 128 for 50 something gigs, me calling yesterday to successfully argue I was 60 gigs ref office and can I have my broadband back without becoming a vampire, they said yes…. only for the bot to kick in during the small hours, send me a bitchy email, and once again slash the speed.

    > Being told I had near on 12 months of a contract left when I threw my arms in the air and demanded a migration code becauase I’ve heard good things about be unlimited bearing nearer unlimited than most and want to try that out. The 3 months appeals also after this year long ball and chain round my neck.

    Sadly, the only issue Demon have a remote leg to stand on is the last one. i’d be instersted to hear from anyone who found a way out of Demon’s contract. It’s not as if I’ve been getting what I’ve paid for; 2 months in and I cannot upload diddly squat to the homeoffice “webspace”


  15. Hi

    We have been using Deomon We Hosting for just over a year. In the last month there have been 3 weeks of email downtime – i.e. forms from our website could not send mail out to our customers. Even though it was affecting all the thousands of websites on their servers, their cr4p tech support refused to do anything til the followuing week.

    Demon are sh1t and VERY UNRELIABLE. ** DO NOT USE THEM **


  16. Hi

    We have been using Demon Web Hosting for just over a year. In the last month there have been 3 weeks of email downtime – i.e. forms from our website could not send mail out to our customers. Even though it was affecting all the thousands of websites on their servers, their cr4p tech support refused to do anything til the following week.

    They are often arrogant, but what gets me the most is that they have outsourced all the system adminsitration – so their tech support cannot even log onto their own servers to debug problems !! What a joke

    Demon are sh1t and VERY UNRELIABLE. ** DO NOT USE THEM **


  17. Erm… I’ve been using Demon for 4 months and have had no problems at all.
    I am on the Home 8000 contract.
    I am usually very close to the 50GB limit (I don’t think I’ve exceeded yet – quite).
    The uptime has been faultless so far.
    I’m getting 7-7.5Mbps downloads.

    All for cheaper than BT, too.

    I’m one of those seemingly rare happy customers.

  18. I agree with Scott, I’ve lost access to my hosted webspace for two days now. Tried speaking to tech support but that was a complete waste of time, apparently I have to wait for 24 hours before I even get a response, so who knows when they’ll fix the problem, which they deny exists!!! It seems to be a routing problem somewhere, the joke is I tried to cancel my account and they can’t even log on to their own systems to do it, at least the guy I spoke to knew what was going on and was apologetic and I understood every word he said!
    Shame really as Demon used to provide a really good service. I’m off as soon as they fix their network!

  19. Paul:
    My criticism is aimed at Demon Web Hosting (ie. where my website is hosted) not their broadband services that you are referring to.

    Trust me, they provide a terrible service as a web hosting company. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THEM.


  20. Forgot to say: I’ve cancelled my Demon Web Hosting contract, and moved on. Should have done it ages ago, it is less hassle than you might think….


  21. I migrated 15 days into my 12 month contract. I’ve asked them were it says the 128kbps limit will be impossed. It’s not mentioned anywhere until you hit the 50g limit.

    I cancelled my DD and told them I aint paying anything. I’m sure I’ll lose but at least it will cost time and money chasing me for the payment.

  22. Previous experience is that Demon won’t waste much time chasing you themselves – they’ll just hand it over to their debt collection agency.

  23. Can you avoid the debt collection agency though?

    I’m soo angry with demon. I spoke with customer services a month ago and they said that all i had to pay was £19 as my account was closed. Few days later they asked me for £200. In an letter exchange argument at the moment with me saying I’m not paying because I was told by customer services that I only had to pay £19 as no more payments will be needed.

  24. I had to deal with their debt collection agency twice during my time with Demon. First occasion was way back when I was on their standard dial-up and I changed my bank account – they carried on trying to take the money from the old account, despite being told of the change. They didn’t bother to send a letter, or an e-mail, just passed it off to the debt collection agency. If I recall it was solved relatively easily with their customer services.

    Second time was when I tried to cancel my ADSL upgrade within their cooling off period. They carried on with the change, and then passed it on to the debt collection agency when I refused to pay. This one was a bit more complicated and took several months of sorting out. I only got somewhere (and got rid of the debt collection agency) when I got contact details for one of their senior people so could get past the normal customer service people.

    To be honest from my experience, I think the £200 is the more likely total, as cancelling within their contact they charge you for the remainder of the twelve month period, and also full price for any of the subsidised equipment they supplied.

  25. Just to let you know and anyone else who’s reading this.

    I’ve won!

    I complained to the ISPA yesterday (via the online complaint form) and today I got a phone call from demon saying they are clearing my balace ‘as a sign of good will’.

    So if anyone else if fed up with the 128kbps limit from my experience it is possible to break out of the contract because it doesn’t say anywhere on their site or contract that this is the limit.

  26. Got hit with the FUP first I’d heard of it – I thought I was unlimited) – demon supp useless – after six days got a reply to my email saying they had lifted the choke but not apologising or giving any reasons – also demon seem confused – one adviser told me the 6ogb was on a rolling 30 day basis so if your daily dl is tiny you will soon be reinstated but another adviser told me it would be end of feb before I was back on fullspeed.

    I’ve been with demon a few years but now I want to change but am a bit bit fearful of contract terms and charging cock ups – where do you go for unlimited at less than £25 per month anyway

  27. Can anyone help me by answering two questions that I am unable to find details on about the Demon FUP.

    1) Does the FUP only apply to “downloaded” data? I host my own publications webpages, containing many 20Mb+ pdf files, so my “upload” is often quite high.

    2) Does the FUP only count data that is downloaded during demons “peak period” or are you monitored 24/7 ?

  28. Anthony,
    I asked Demon Support these same questions and was told it applied only to downloads, not uploads.

    The FUP applies 24/7, you are continually monitored. Also the peak hours are 7 days a week.

    Having said that, in my experience different support staff will answer the same questions differently, so I’m not sure how much help it is.

  29. I’ve been with Demon for 2 years and since the first month have been capped between 9am and 11pm to 10KB/s for exceeding bandwidth usage. They told me that the cap was only during the week and I would be uncapped at weekends 24/7 but that lasted for 1 month. My sleeping pattern has gone to shit and I even lost a job through it because I was up all night on the net and then like a zombie at work. I was with Toucan before Demon and they were so bad in every aspect that they let me off with 4 months worth of bills that i’d refused to pay. Due to my experience with Toucan before I signed up with Demon I asked on the phone if they were unlimited bandwidth as they advertised because I use a lot and the guy said that I would be easy alright to use between 80 and 90GB before any if any problems would occur. It turned out that the guy was a lying piece of crap but I stayed with them because they allow you to pay by bill over the counter in the bank instead of direct debit as i’ve had my accounts closed at a few banks due to direct debits as I like to spend money A LOT. One thing they have been good at if nothing else is not turning me off for being late paying my bill it got upto £80 or 4 months once before I paid it!
    Anyone know a good iSP that sends invoices for payment instead of direct debit?

  30. I am paying for a small business user tariff but I have to agree with all of the above. I have been with them for 10 years and have just upgraded to broadband with them. WHAT A MISTAKE!!!

    If you are reading this and are thinking of going to Demon then DON’T. They are totally rubbish. Read the above, I cannot be bothered to write another page of complaints about them – all within a 4 week period.

  31. Same story here. Been with Demon for many years, paying by direct debit without problems. Recently, after an upgrade, they made a mistake with direct debit collection – tried to collect from someone else’s bank account which (unsurprisingly) failed. First I knew of this problem, was when they suddenly bombarded me with numerous reminders and threatening letters for payment, all within the space of a week. It is very stressful when this sort of thing happens. I paid them as quickly as I could but I was angry that I was treated by Demon in this manner especially when it was their error.

    Asked for an explanation, never got one. No apology either. Customer services is rubbish. Just can’t wait for the contract to end, then I am getting out.

  32. I have every sympathy with John. I am a Director of a company who has a corporate website hosted by Demon and they cannot get the billing sorted out. They very generously have suggested that they will write off amounts on our account as a “gesture of goodwill” which we don’t even owe in the first place. Hopeless, and I wonder if their Chief Executive knows what the world thisnk about them. perhaps he ought to read this blog.

  33. I’m a Demon HomeOffice 8000 customer and I can not wait till my 12 month contract has finished. This so called “ISP” are appalling, their tech support is pointless and their customer service is not existant.

    Are you thinking about signing up with them? Good luck…

  34. Several of you above are exceptionally lucky. Lucky in the sense that you have been able to cancel, I sadly have not been so lucky. We have been a demon customer for many years, however in 2006 we moved our web hosting to another company but retained Demon as our ISP. I found out in July of this year (2008) that demon are still charging us for web hosting.

    I found this out whilst trying to find out why our connection speeds crawled down to anything between 80mbps and 300mbps. Demon tech support (i use the term loosely), where as useful as a chocolate fireguard, they didn’t listen to the problem, had no interest that I had done umpteen speed tests already, they just wanted to waste my time doing 3 speed tests a day over a week with the bt speedtest and then report my findings. Of course, this does mean you have to keep changing the router configuration. Still this doesn’t put tech support out and it does have the rather useful result in getting you off the phone and stop you from being their problem.

    In another call they then said “Oh yes, I can see the problem, it’s an open session, I’ll fix it and then if you turn your router off for 15 minutes everything will be just fine.” Having little or no faith in this I still had no choice but to do as I was told. I did. The problem remained” But hey, this did have the rather useful result for the tech support (again tech support term used loosely) lady in getting me off the phone and stopped me from being her problem. Can you see a pattern forming here?

    I rang back. I was told, hey, why not do speed tests 3 times a day for a week and then report your findings. Arrrrgggghhhh!

    I have had the line tested and we are reported as having 6.5Mbps on the line but the connection speeds simply will not rise. This problem has Demon written all over it.

    What with my hair now having gone completely grey and generally given up the will to live, I decided just to leave Demon so rang for my MAC code! All excited I was, thinking that I could now get rid of them and move to an ISP and actually get a decent connection.

    Oh no, not so fast there. The chap I spoke to about this noted that I was an extremely long standing customer and asked why I was leaving. I told him, I was sick of the connection speed issue – BIG MISTAKE! He didn’t like this answer, he said “hey, let’s see if we can fix your problem for you”. I said “no, that’s ok, I’ll just have my MAC code please”. “No, no” he said “All you need do is just do 3 speed tests at different times of the day and we’ll see what we can do”. I stuck to my guns – “Just the MAC code please.” Sadly, you could tell in his voice he’d lost interest when he said “ok, I’ll send you an email”.

    To be fair, I didn’t have much confidence in this but what could I do? Call him a liar and insist I have it over the phone? Not really so I said “fair enough, thank you very much”. This was the 17th July.

    By 5:30p.m. on the 18th July, I still hadn’t received an email so I wrote to Demon by recorded delivery, confirming my telephone conversation fo the previous day and again, politely requested they issue me with a MAC and confirm that the web hosting account is in fact cancelled. 2 weeks later and I still hadn’t received a MAC or even the courtesy of any kind of reply. So i write to them again (I’ve given up with the phone I don’t want to get into another “Why not do several million speed tests over the next 40 years” conversation) by recorded delivery on the 2nd August. I point out that I really would like a MAC, I am entitled to one and could they let me have it within 7 days? If they don’t give me a MAC or at the very least, stop refusing to communicate with me then I politely but firmly point out that I will have no choice but to make a report to Offcom.

    Well, today is the 9th August and guess what – yep you guessed it – NOTHING! No reply, no “hang on we are trying to sort this out for you”, and certainly NO MAC CODE!

    So today I have made a complaint against them to Offcom. How sad this is, a customer that has been with them almost since the very beginning of their existence has to make a complaint to the regulator just to change suppliers.

    The worst part about all this is that I recommended them several years ago, 1 to a friend and the other a business associate both of whom are now suffering the same problems with connection speed. One technically proficient enought to change suppliers and configure his router to work with another but the other isn’t able to do this and I will have to go through all this again to move him also.

    My advice, for what it’s worth is: Don’t use Demon and certainly don’t recommend them to anyone.

  35. Ive been really quite surprised at how many people have complaints with regard to Demon Broadband, and have learnt my lesson well as to do my homework in future. We have used Demon home office for years, and when a company with a less than favourable reputation were about to take over our business broadband we decided to move to Demon. So on the 6th Feb this year we did so. The speed was brilliant, connection was fab, then in June this year, it all began to go downhill fast. We began to lose packets and the speed dropped considerably. We ae able to receive 8mb download speed and do, but our actual throughput is nearly always 1990kbps, occasionally getting to 2200. Now on an *mb line this should be way up there and the least we should expect on a contended line is 4500. It is sometimes taking up to 45 secs for a page to change and the average is around 28-30 secs.
    We have gone through every excuse from the router, to the olympic games and everybody who wouldnt normally download data streams being on the internet 24/7, to cold weather, to don’t know, to well its down to BT and we can’t do anything.
    (As we are a networking company we managed to get BT wholesale to check our line, and lo and behold, we should be having no problems!! BT wholesale is who supply Demon and are different to BT retail but you won’t find a number for BT wholesale)
    So the week before last, our connection failed altogether for a whole three days, and bearing in mind, all our business is done online, this costs us thousands of pounds in lost orders, with no valid reason for the delay in getting us back online other than its BTs fault, we decided enough was enough, and we were moving, despite having to pay the rest of our contract until February.
    The customer services team at Demon are never ever anything other than pleasant, however, they are often difficult to understand and have real difficulty understanding what you are talking about. Speaking English and understanding it are two completely different things. But I would say one thing, a Demon customer service advisor would never ever be as rude and un helpful as a customer services or switchboard advisor from THUS so be prepared if you escalate your complaint, you’ll get short shrift from an equally hard to understand person in Scotland who is willing to take your money but the contact stops there!

    Now, after three days of trying to get my mac code to move, and without much luck (today excuse is the mac code tool isn’t working) I’m setting up a totally new line with BT who have been more than helpful, cost less, and won’t be able to blame anyone except themselves if we have a problem! I just hope it doesn’t take me weeks or more to get my code, but I’ll be taking the advice here and putting everything in writing from now on.

    So, in my experience, Demon are living on the fantastic reputation they used to have, but obviously no longer care about! Stay well clear unless you’re a lover of hassle!

  36. It is amazing how sticky reputation can be – human beings often don’t like to face up to the reality of change. But however good it once was, Demon is now a nightmare which I would not wish on anyone: steer well clear if you possibly can.

    I had used them at both home and work since 1997, so when I moved house in 2007 I signed up with them again, even though various problems with them over the preceding year should have provided sufficient indication that things had changed.

    It took 12 months to get out again, of course. Such a massive relief to be rid of them now, I have to tell you.

    If OFCOM simply banned 12 month contracts like that, I doubt that Demon would survive very long in its current state.

    Your ISP and internet connection should not be something which is constantly on your mind – it should just be a utility which works when you want to use it. For me, now that I have finally been able to leave Demon (thank goodness,) it is just that once more!

    And I’ve made sure that I can leave my new ISP pretty quickly if they deteriorate. No more long contracts for me.

  37. I have been with Demon for 10 years or so and always found them great. My wife regularly buys 3D models and downloads them (sometimes 50 to 100mb each and sometime 10 or more per day) and this week she downloaded a huge paint package that cost £2500 and is 9.3gb in size. This morning I found my speed incredibly slow so I rang for help. After about 3 hours of multiple calls and getting me to go here there and everywhere logging speeds etc the guy gingerly tells me I have overstepped the broadband usage line! So now I am reduced to 128k. This to me, considering I am paying £25 for a service and using it to buy software online etc is crazy so I asked for my MAC code immediately. Of course, I have to wait until next week because there is something wrong with the ‘machines’ they get the code from.

    They have gone from a top of the range company to something I just want to wipe off my shoe and move on from!

    Incidentally, I never received an email about fair use (I originally moved up to HomeOffice2000 from ISDN and there was no FUP) and I have never been notified that I was using too much bandwidth or even to tell me I have subsequently been throttled! What a way to run a business.

  38. Demon has always been to me and my house mate a great internet service. But in the past 2 years it seems that they have missed the plot. So much so that we’re migrating to Pipex in a weeks time.

    My hang up with Demon is their inability to move with the time. I understand that there should be certain limits on how much you can download but with the modern day being about watching TV online and internet DVD rentals and game downloads, being given 2GB a day to download is a joke.

    WHAT IS WORSE! Is that once your limit has been reached on your rolling amount, it caps your speed to an horrific level.

    I can’t even open webpages properly! The speed is absolutely horrendous. There must be some form of legal standing to prevent this as we are paying the full amount for a half arsed connection. Even staying with T&C this can’t be legal can it?

  39. Having been with demon for 12 years the last 4 weeks has been a total disaster since they upgraded the line to adsl plus2 . They never informed me that they were doing this .When I contacted the help line the advised me of what they had done and that I needed a new router which they would take 5 days to deliver, so I went to PC world bought a Belkin router that was comparable to their new service got it working lasted for one week connection went down they said that the fault lay with BT
    What allot of rubbish the problem is with Cable and wireless their parent company I was told it would be fixed within 50 hrs
    This has happened 3 times this week tried to complain by phoning their Glasgow number they monitor what you have said say they will phone you back they never this is not customer care they just don’t care.
    Even their parent company Cable and wireless advised me to move to another ISP they are not much better as they are the company that maintain the phone lines
    Phoning the help takes 20 min to get through try this every day not funny
    The sheer arrogance of demon is out of order

    Value you opinions

  40. I’ve been with Demon for 6 yrs and had no problems until the ADSL2+ upgrade. I had to buy a new router (they offered me one but it would tie me into another 12 month contract which I don’t want) but it has made little difference – I have had a constant disruption to my service for the past 2 months with 3-4 days without an internet service at a time. I have lost patience – time to move provider.

  41. I too are with Demon, have been for 3 yrs. Has been ok up until now. Have noticed that my old(ish) netgear router says i am getting 17-20Mbps line speed, which seems to indicate that i am now on adsl2, which my router supports, and i have even updated firmware just in case. They of course did not tell me, and i am constantly having connection problems now. It dies for 20-30 mins a couple of times a day.

    I have borrowed a friends belkin, and tried a neighbours bt hub, but they all suffer the same problem. Why do they do this without telling us??

    Ill try tech support and see what happens…. wish me luck *sigh*

  42. An update. The demon tech support guy in India told me that my line has not been upgraded to adsl2 yet. I argued the point that adsl1 doesnt support the line speed i am getting and after about 20 minutes he agreed that was the case. A little further digging showed that the conversion of my line had occurred on 22nd June, and that ties in with about how long I have been getting problems.

    I have to now call BT and do a line test, and then i have to call back Monday with the results and they can contact their department to see if the changover has been completed (i should hope it takes less than 2 weeks to convert a service!!!)

    At least i know that something has changed that isnt something to do with my kit. Wouldve been nice to get a letter in the post to tell us…

  43. Here are my recent (still unresolved) problems with Demon:

    (1) April – June 2009
    Several months ago, my broadband internet connection ceased working properly, with me being cut off several times a day. On average, I was getting cut off roughly once an hour, but this was very variable. On each occasion, I had to restart my computer in order to restore the connection. Phone calls to Demon’s customer services just resulted in endless queuing so I resorted to using their ‘Text Chat’. On over 20 occasions I asked for assistance (the same message each time), and didn’t receive a single response. I tried this at all times of the day and night, and sometimes waited several hours for a response, but none was forthcoming.

    (2) May – June 2009
    On six occasions, I left the same message on Demon’s ‘Feedback’ form, requesting that they contact me to sort out my problems. On all six occasions, my request was ignored.

    (3) 3rd July 2009
    Having selected a new ISP, I tried to phone Demon to cancel my current service, but was again unable to get beyond their queuing system. I then waited until “after hours” and left a message on their answerphone requesting my MAC and giving 30 days notice of cancellation. I clearly and unambiguously stated my name, account number, email address, and phone number, but received no response within 5 working days. This is a clear violation of regulators rules (GC22) stating that “UK ISPs are required to supply customers with a MAC upon request and within five working days free of charge”.

    (4) 13th July 2009
    I now wrote a letter to Demon’s cancellations department, again requesting my MAC and giving 30 days notice of cancellation. This was also ignored – a second violation of regulators rules (GC22) stating that “UK ISPs are required to supply customers with a MAC upon request and within five working days free of charge”.

    (5) 23rd – 24th July
    I now sent several emails to “[email protected]” and “[email protected]” requesting the immediate delivery of my MAC. This was still not forthcoming, but I did receive an email from Demon (their first response in several months) stating that I could get my MAC by phoning their Cancellations Department, which is exactly where I started on 3rd July! They also claimed to have “no record” of the original cancellation that I left on their answerphone, and that MACs are supplied “within 24 hours on request” – nothing could be further from the truth. I responded to this email by stating if they didn’t send me my MAC within 24 hours or if there were any further delays or problems in closing my account, I would register a formal complaint with Ofcom. This again produced no response. I still haven’t received my MAC almost a month after first requesting it.

  44. I do not know where to begin. Have been with Demon Internet since its inception. Have watched the company gurgle noisily down the plughole in every departmen, especially since their takeover by THUS. Now I have a problem with broadband speeds and it is quite clear that Demon Internet are not going to deal with this problem. I will not waste your time having you read about the terrible experience I have had at the hands of the technical support department, as you all bear those scars already. What I will say is having been with them since 1992, and I am leaving them this November.

  45. I finally got off Demon this month. Since the ADSL2 upgrade the service became unusable, and technical support basically said there was nothing they could do to help! I finally got a MAC code off Demon. The secret is to ask to hold on their customer service line when they “try” and transfer you. Make it clear you are recording the call. Eventually someone will come on the line, will try and make you stay. Again, make it clear you are recording the call. Eventually they will agree to send you a MAC code, although they will not give it you immediately, but you should get it within a few hours. Remember to ask for the name and contact number of the person who issues the MAC.

  46. I was one of Demon's early customers and have switched to BT this month. I am disappointed to see a company that had such a good reputation for product, performance and customer service go to pieces so quickly. What is worse is going to the THUS plc website and read their Mission Statement which is full of hollow words. Perhaps the bean counters will be made toe realise by a failing bottom line, that a company cannot survive by uttering hollow words. By their deeds shalt thou know them!

  47. DO NOT USE DEMON as your ISP unless you want, as everyone else has said, a poor customer service experience and the occassional loss of service and where you are unable to contact them to report it.

    I have been a customer of Demon since 1995, and have been using their Business Broadband product for the last 3 years.

    With the Business Broadband product there are SLAs, but they are useless, as you need to have an outage of 4 hours from the point of reporting the fault. I cannot report the fault from 8:21am this morning as their technical support anc customer suppport lines are down. no doubt the service will come back online before I can report it.

    It is time to change, and I have stopped recommending Demon to other people for the last year or so. BUT who do I choose to go with now? I need a non-NAT service that will be reliable and good throughput. Are Be There any good?

    1. I’m very happy to recommend Zen Internet who I’ve been with since I left Demon, aside from a brief and nightmarish period with O2 Broadband at the end of last year who were truly dire.

      Zen may cost you a bit more, but as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. The tech support are superb, and actually phone you back when you’ve got a call open with them. The connection is reliable – can count on one hand the number of times it has gone down over the years, and it is also fast none of this fast line that slows down under the pressure of all the users.

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