How Many Housemates Does It Take?

Ok, I confess it, I’ve got the Big Brother highlights show set up on the Sky+… I guess I should insert some pitiful excuse as to why I’ve got the daddy of all the car crash TV reality shows set up to record, but I won’t bother – it’s just one of these shows that is at various times addictive, frustrating, and even entertaining.

What is quite amazing this year is the rate with which they are getting through housemates. Having started off with two more than usual, they Shahbaz walking out within five days, Dawn officially being ejected (although she wanted to go anyway) and now being on hunger strike for her footage, then the first proper eviction on Friday, no sooner have they put in two new housemates, do we find George walking out. At this rate I doubt if there will be anybody left by the end of the run!

Of course if you’re really keen to join the house, the Big Brother Golden Ticket competition is hotting up – and you don’t even need to eat a chocolate bar to get a ticket – a quick scan on eBay will find a number of the tickets up for sale.

Having said that, there is a certain irony to George’s reasons for walking out – I mean how many of the ex-housemates from previous years are still in the public eye?

2 thoughts on “How Many Housemates Does It Take?”

  1. OK, I admit it! Lou and I are glued as well.

    We try and redeem ourselves that at least at 9:00pm we are watching BB instead of Celeb X-Factor.

    I believe the main reason is that human beings doing what human beings do is facinating. The bunch this year seem on the most part to be reasonably articulate and inteligent, ok Bonnie, with her “Everyfin and Everyfin” seem to be the exception to the rule. Nikki on the otherhand does the bimbo act down to a tee, but we’ve worked out she not completely brain-dead.

    So which group are you cheering for? The plastics or the Ma’s and Pa’s?

    We’re cheering for Pete, Glynn and Lisa!

  2. We do both like Pete and Glynn – and are backing them. Pete comes over as a genuinely nice guy, as does Glynn.

    We’re not fans of Nikki though. The moment Nikki comes up for nomination I suspect Beth especially will vote for her, whenever she launches into one of her whinge sessions Beth is usually about ready to throw something at the TV.

    At the moment we’ve both voted for Sezer to go – in fact every time Sezer makes some sexist or derogatory comment about women, or when he says that he won’t go because no woman would vote him out, Beth ends up voting for him.

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