Kitty on a Diet


We’re not making ourselves overly popular with Sophie at the moment.

After her previous illness, I’ve already noted that she has been putting on weight. Well since then it has got to the point that she is now not quite making jumps that she used to be able to manage – and usually a failed jump ends up with a glare at us as if we’d made the chair arm higher or something. Even the previously exciting cord from the blind seems to not be interesting now it involves too much chasing around. All it merits now is a couple of half-hearted swipes before she goes back to spreading out on the floor!

As a result, the decision has been made to put her on a diet, so she is now not getting quite as much food as she did, and she’s not overly happy about it. The usual early morning complaints from outside our bedroom door which used to only be when we were sleeping in, and late with breakfast, are now daily. Indeed one morning last week, she woke us up at 5:30am with her complaining. There is also general grumpiness when she sees how much food she’s getting. Things aren’t going to get much better tomorrow either, as she’s off down to the vets for a checkup and for her shots, although at least then there will be an opportunity to find out whether the weight gain is anything we can sort out by diet, or whether it is a side effect of her current pills.

Sophie on Next Doors Bench 1

Having said that, life isn’t all bad. Next door have spent a good deal of the past month or so landscaping their back garden, and have added a nice bench, that sits in just the right spot to catch the morning sun. Needless to say, Sophie has discovered it, and is making use of it already. Beth managed to snap a couple of shots of Sophie enjoying the sunshine on their bench, before she moved on to the bench in our garden to catch the sun later on. Shameless – as you can see…

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