Star Wars Let Down

You may remember my excited post a couple of months ago on the news that George Lucas was finally allowing the original versions of the Star Wars movies.

However, now we have the technical details of the releases, it is not nearly such a good deal. The films are being released as ‘limited edition’ releases, and each DVD includes the special edition versions on the first DVD, pretty much as they were released most recently. The original theatrical release is included on a second DVD, but not in anything like the quality as the special edition. The films are presented in letterbox format on a 4:3 aspect frame, not anamorphic wide-screen. Sound wise, rather than the THX surround sound of the special edition versions, they are presented in two channel stereo. All in all it seems a decided rip-off. Had they been DVD quality releases, I’d probably have gone out and bought the trilogy again, but since they are such poor quality releases I really don’t think I’ll bother!

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