Redesign the Psion 5mx

Mobility Guru recently posted an article proposing producing a redesign of the Psion 5mx. For much the same reasons as I discussed a couple of months ago they like the small form factor, however they then list the OS, EPOC as a flaw and propose that a new Psion 5mx should use Windows Mobile, or even Windows XP instead!

The fact is that my Psion 5mx running EPOC is still the most stable computer I own, and compared to the number of times I have to reset my Windows Mobile PDA over the average day, I wouldn’t be keen on trading in the Psion for a Windows Mobile replacement. Give me a Psion 5mx running EPOC, Symbian, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and I’ll be happy…

2 thoughts on “Redesign the Psion 5mx”

  1. Richard,
    In the last sentance you mention WI-FI with the 5mx. Do you know of any wireless card, or way for that reason in which the 5mx can be connected to a wireless network? Are there wireless cards available that fit in to the expansion slot of the 5mx?

    Any advice on how I can connect my 5mx to a wireless network would be greatly appriciated.



  2. No, unfortunately the 5mx can’t support a wi-fi card. If you want a wi-fi capable Psion, the nearest thing you can get is either a Series 7 or a NetBook – the card slot on the 5mx is just not suitable.

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