Sometimes coincidence throws up some interesting combinations. Take yesterday as an example. The big news of the day was the verdict in the trial of Saddam Hussein, and more specifically the sentence of execution. More4 has recently started showing the excellent West Wing from the beginning, and last night they got to Take This Sabbath Day which focuses on President Bartlet, a devout Roman Catholic, as he struggles to decide the fate of a man convicted of two murders. Throughout the episode you get many of the major characters in the programme stating their position, and there is a very moving final scene with President Bartlet talking with his priest, who he has been trying to contact since the beginning of the episode.

Certainly on an occasion when opinions on the death penalty are being discussed in the media, especially as a result of the reaction of many in Europeincluding our own Prime Minister – and the Church to the sentence, it serves as a good reminder of the issues, and also how Christians deal with them.

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