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After hearing lots of good things about Google Reader, I thought I’d give it a try for a while – a side effect of which is that I can make use of the sharing features to produce a link blog. You can see the main shared items page here, and also thanks to a neat feature of WordPress, you can also find the latest ten items on the sidebar, currently located underneath the regular links.

In terms of what the link blog will contain, it will essentially be a feed of any postings I find interesting as I’m reading through my feed selection in Google Reader, all in all it promises to be a fairly eclectic mix I suspect – much like the normal postings to this site probably…

8 thoughts on “Link Blog”

  1. It’s all standard features of Google Reader – the web page version is exactly as Google Reader produces it, whilst the RSS feed goes straight into the WordPress RSS Sidebar widget. Only annoyance is that it isn’t managing to put a space between the title and site on those links currently.

    Actually, I’m really rather liking Google Reader all round. It has the tagging feature that I liked in Rojo, that allows me to classify feeds in multiple slots, plus the keyboard short cuts make it really easy to skip down through new items and post them to the link blog.

  2. Thanks for sharing my “Struggling with Style” article. However, and I’m not sure why, the RSS feed seems to have concatenated two versions of the address in the link, and as such the link is broken. Any idea why this might be? I don’t know if it has any bearing on the problem, but I did change the name of the article to correct a spelling error (Stuggling -> Struggling), but I did not change the name of the “post-slug”.

  3. Mmm, looks like the WordPress Widget is stuffing up somewhere as both the Google version and the XML in the feed seem fine. I will investigate…

  4. It would seem that the version of the RSS sidebar widget is different on your host machine than the one running on I tested out your link blog XML feed in my own sidebar temporarily, and it renders properly on that host.

    You might consider contacting technical support for your machine. I don’t remember whether you’re running WordPress on a system you own/control or whether you’re using a commercial host service – perhaps you are technical support 🙂

  5. Comparing what is being produced, with the underlying feed, it looks like the module is concatenating two elements of the RSS together – much as it is doing with the page titles.

    Unfortunately it’s not actually installed as a separate plug-in – being built in to K2 of which I’m running the latest version, so subject to the K2 codebase being fixed, I’ll have to dig through the PHP code and see if I can find where it is going wrong.

    Until then, my shared items can be found here.

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