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Since various people have been asking what I think of the series, and indeed my brother-in-law commenting on the fact that I hadn’t commented!

Interestingly when Charles made his comment, I answered that we were quite enjoying it – not the best series ever, but not bad. That was before the show on Sunday, Countrycide, which was truly dire, and only served to amplify some of the issues I’ve had with the show since the beginning. Countrycide was essentially going for the horror genre, but really missed the mark, coming over as a cheap imitation of numerous B movies. It started off with the classic blonde alone in a car getting got, and went down-hill from there.

In terms of the other episodes, we’ve quite enjoyed Ghost Machine and Small Worlds, with Cyberwoman being a bit disappointing.

The biggest issue I have with the series is that for a top secret organisation, it seems decidedly non-secret. For example the team quite often walk into places by saying that they’re Torchwood. They get past the Police in a similar way, and yet in the Christmas Invasion this organisation was apparently so secret that the Prime Minister wasn’t supposed to know about it, and yet everybody in Cardiff seems to know about them. Having said that, if you were driving about in a vehicle that looks like theirs, complete with ‘Torchwood’ stencilled on the side, it’s probably not a surprise that they’re well known. However in terms of the concept, it’s like James Bond driving around with ‘007 Licence to Kill’ written on the side. Considering their hidden base, you would have expected that their vehicle would be a lot less obvious – plus the amount of time they spend rushing around waving guns would again attract decidedly more attention than a secret organisation would want.

Doctor Who

Hopefully the series will pick up a bit later on, as the actors and writers get used to the characters, otherwise I suspect it might well only last a single series.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of Doctor Who though, I’d recommend taking a trip over to the BBC Wales Radio Player to listen to the excellent Doctor Who – A Celebration, a concert of music from the series in aid of Children in Need. Just enough to whet your appetite for the upcoming Doctor Who Soundtrack methinks.

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  1. Interesting response. I’m ambivalent about Countrycide myself – although I agree it is definitely a different direction for the show – but your reaction seems to be diametrically opposed to the fan reaction on where they seem to have think that the show finally found its stride.

    I do agree there are some rather ludicrous elements going on, however: “Hi! We’re Torchwood! You’ve never heard of us, because we’re … well…secret.” *lovingly polishes logo on SUV*

    I’m still enjoying the show, even though I’m wincing from time to time, but I’m beginning to have doubts we’ll see much more than a season. We’ve seen the first half of the first season already. Unless it ‘gels’ and finds a coherent (and non-silly) voice soon, it may end up joining K-9 and Company on the shelf.

  2. I have to agree with you. I’ve mainly kept watching in the hope that things would improve, but after the huge D&D style metal breasts on the cyberwoman (even though we’ve seen that no matter what the original gender, cybermen are androgynous), Countrycide was the last straw. I kept hoping that the cannibal farmers would be aliens, or possessed, or at least something other than a caricature inbred farming community, but I was disappointed. I’ll keep watching but if it doesn’t make it to a second series I won’t be too upset. State of Decay was better than this!

  3. Indeed, that is one of a number of plot holes with regards to that episode – others being quite how he managed to get her and all the equipment in, and keep her hidden in such a relatively small base in the first place, and why she wasn’t sucked into the void along with all the rest of the Cybermen at the end of Doomsday.

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