Politics Courts the Blogsphere

It looks like the rise of the blogsphere is going to make a significant difference in the way upcoming political campaigns are going to be conducted. We got the first hints of this with the news that Robert Scoble has been invited to travel with John Edwards newly announced campaign for President, launched recently in New Orleans. Scoble is not alone – there is also a team from RocketBoom traveling with them too.

Now politics blogs aren’t exactly anything new, and RocketBoom have previously put in political segments, but Scoble, who is very definitely a tech blogger is a bit of a new departure, and after the adverse reaction to the mixing of politics with a tech conference at Le Web last month, an interesting move. Certainly Scoble looks to be treading carefully with an explicit statement that he won’t be linking to political stuff on his link blog, and his comments thus far being as much about how the mechanics of the campaign and mainstream media work as political comment. It will definitely be interesting to see how it goes, and also to see quite what happens when our next big election comes around in the UK. I’ve got no doubt that we may see something similar from David Cameron when the time comes.

John Edwards in New Orleans originally uploaded by Hamletphase.

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