Blogging Cartoonist Meets Blogging Priest

So today a blogging Christian cartoonist met a blogging Priest, as a result of Dave’s appearance at All Saints in Wokingham – and there is even photographic evidence in David Hodgsons Flickr stream

With hindsight heading off to All Saints might have been a better option than St James this morning as there were significantly more laughs… We had the latest round of the ‘Organ is too loud’ argument. This time the choir couldn’t hear the now quieter organ and went flat twice, and out of time too, resulting in our organist being so annoyed that he apparently went on strike by the end and we all processed out in silence! I’m sure it will all get sorted out and this is just the normal teething troubles, but it is a real pain for most of us who are stuck in the middle of the arguments…

3 thoughts on “Blogging Cartoonist Meets Blogging Priest”

  1. Regarding your organ issues – do you think a cartoon might help? One of the points Dave Walker made in his talk at All Saints was the potential for cartoons to defuse conflict.

  2. I believe it was resolved after the service – everybody involved knows that nobody is happy with the current situation, and the organ builders are due back on site in a couple of weeks with some proposed solutions. We’re also going to replace the microphone and speaker system that used to amplify the organ into the north aisle, so at least then those of us in the choir will be able to hear the organ without the organ needing to be loud.

    Having said that, maybe I’ll dig out Dave’s organist cartoon for the choir vestry wall. 🙂

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