“Save Our Church from being Eaten by Worms”


There are times when you are dealing with the press, especially the local press that really leave you groaning, and wondering quite why they’ve written what they did. This week’s local paper has one such article about St James, under the headline “Save Our Church from being Eaten by Worms“…

The article is actually a report of the launch of our big fund-raising campaign, to raise the £0.5 million needed to repair the fabric of the building, including the floor, pews and roof with wood-worm and death-watch beetle. The photographer came along on Sunday and took a nice picture of a lot of the congregation in the hall, and then the reporter spoke to Rev Richard. However, rather than put it under a headline like ‘St James Launches Fund-Raising Appeal’, the reporter appears to have latched on to the fact that we have wood-worm

Oh well, they do say that any publicity is good, even if we do get the label of the Church that is being eaten by worms…

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