Another Day, Another Letter Bomb

So after the excitement around here yesterday when Vantis over the road received a bomb – apparently intended for one of their clients, Speed Check Services – attention is now focused on Swansea, where now the DVLA has now received a letter bomb, certainly indicating a motoring connection between the three bombs so far. There is also discussion about whether a bomb received by a man in Folkstone at the weekend is somehow connected too.

Quite what whoever is doing it is hoping to achieve by this I don’t know, since it’s hardly likely to make the government or the Police change their policies with regards to the motorist, any more than any other sort of terrorist campaign does. If anything it will only harden opinions against the perpetrators.

Apparently the bomb yesterday was addressed to someone specific, maybe going after people the bomber perceives as key players. However as with most organisations, the post doesn’t get to the addressee unopened – when I worked at SSE, all my post would be pre-opened and checked before it made it to my desk – even parcels from Amazon! As a result, it’s the post room staff who get injured, nobody else. Certainly, at this point in time, I’d be expecting post room workers working for anyone associated in some way with motoring enforcement will be feeling decidedly nervous…

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