Stormhoek Big Love

Stormhoek Big Love

So tonight being Valentines, it seemed an appropriate night to polish off the second of a pair of bottles of rosé wine that we picked up as part of the Stormhoek Big Love promotion that has seen Stormhoek take Hugh MacLeod on a grand tour of major Tesco stores across the country drawing cartoons and looking for love, which I have been keeping an eye on through both Hugh’s blog, and also the main Stormhoek site.

Perhaps the only annoyance about the promotion is that for some reason the bottles are only being stocked at the bigger stores, so we couldn’t pick them up at our local store in Wokingham, and I had to head down to the big Tesco Extra in Camberley to check them out. However, the bottles were easily spottable thanks to Hugh’s cartoon – which really stands out compared to the somewhat conservative labels on all the other wine. Oddly enough when I went in, the bottles weren’t on the main valentines displays near the door, but were over with the rest of the wine at the other end of the store.

Anyway, it does seem that despite all his best efforts, Hugh has failed to find love, for himself at least. However, perhaps the most amusing of the videos from the trip though is this one, thanks to the very direct comments Hugh gets about his efforts in the final few seconds…

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