Richard Harries Biography

As you may know, a biography of Richard Harries, the former Bishop of Oxford is to be published next week.

As is usual with high profile biographies, parts of the book are being printed in the papers – three guesses as to which particular part of his life the selected extract in the Times today chose to publish… When you see it’s under the title “Inside Track on the Road to Anglican Schismâ€? it doesn’t take much to realise that they’ve chosen to print an extract about the appointment of Jeffrey John as Bishop of Reading. In many ways it is somewhat of a disappointment that for many, Richard Harries legacy seems to be the crisis that ensued in 2003. Unfortunately the extract doesn’t seem to help that much in that it pretty well skims over the whole crisis pretty much as a list of dates – perhaps showing that whatever the media would like, the biography doesn’t focus on that crisis.

For a much more full discussion of the crisis, including a number of interviews with the key players, “A Church at War: Anglicans and Homosexualityâ€? by Stephen Bates is a much better option. The Richard Harries biography, “Heart in My Head: A Biography of Richard Harries” by John S. Peart-Binns is published next week.

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