Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

Tonight for once we had an astronomical event that we could see from our back garden, and that wasn’t obscured by cloud!

So despite the large amount of light pollution from surrounding streetlights, I was clearly able to see the effect of the Lunar Eclipse. As the moon started to exit the shadow of the earth, I tried taking some pictures, but it was a bit of struggle with all the streetlights around – although the human eye can cope with them, my point and shoot camera with a limited zoom struggles. The best I managed was this one – and this has had some work in Photoshop to bring up the surroundings more than the moon in order to get away from what would just be a red and white splodge surrounded by black. In case you’re wondering, the funny lines in the top part of the picture are a branch from the tree at the end of our garden – possibly a bit more photogenic than the washing line!

Needless to say, people elsewhere without streetlights, and with much better cameras have produced some fantastic shots, which are now starting to appear on Flickr. For example, check out this beautiful clear shot taken at around the same time as mine by Martin Bedrock.

Eclipse of the moon 3 March 07 originally uploaded by Martin Bedrock.

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